Valorant agent 19

Details on Valorant agent 19 revealed in secret room recording

By Fariha Bhatti


Dec 8, 2021

Reading time: 2 min

Players can listen in on a secret message in Brimstone’s “secret” firing range office, and it hints that a new agent is coming soon. New teaser, which seems to be a voicemail from Chamber, hints at Valorant agent 19 and a training expansion for the protocol. 

Valorant currently has 17 agents, including the brand new Frenchman Chamber. However, it seems that their services are lacking as the threat gets more serious. New voice messages to Brimstone suggest that the recruitment process for a Radiant is underway. 

Riot Games recently added a hidden office for Brimstone under the range, which features clues, hints, and an in-depth look into Valorant lore. This time, the controller agent has received a new voice message from Chamber, suggesting Brimstone talk with a potential agent into joining Valorant’s roster. 

“I’ve sent you my intel for number 19. As you see, her abilities are uniquely suited to help the special project. She’s the perfect fit, I think,” Chamber said. 

Chamber reveals that the next agent is a Radiant woman. Radiant agents are those who have unique supernatural abilities like Jett and Reyna, rather than those who use technology to augment their power. It’s unclear what role this new agent would play, but it has been a while since Riot added a duelist and data mines from July discovered a new agent hidden in the game files named “sprinter” that hasn’t actually come out yet. 

It’s worth noting that the protocol has 17 agents, but the new one is called “19” by Chamber. This is because Riot Games purposefully left out number 8 during the beta. It’s unknown whether the upcoming duelist will be the missing eighth piece or will continue with number 19. 

Brimstone’s new message develop Valorant lore 

The controller also received a text message from the second in command, Sage. Her text message further confirms that the new agent would be a Radiant, a class that is known to be ruthless. The leader explains that in order to recruit such agents, they’ll need a training program. She further elaborates how Reyna would want to lead the class, but it’s not a good idea since she can be too vicious. 

Who is Valorant agent 19? 

Agent 19 will be from the Philippines, Manila, and spawned in the duelist category. 

There’s not much to know about her except that she’ll be young and will most likely have a kit similar to Jett that will enable her to gather map control. The developer has continued to roll out initiators and sentinels in recent acts, and the game hasn’t received a proper duelist since Yoru.