Details announced for the next CS:GO major

Steven Rondina • February 19, 13:44

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive fans have a new major to look forward to.

Esports tournament organizer StarLadder has confirmed previous reports that the Ukrainian company and its partner ImbaTV will be organizing the 2019 Berlin Major. The announcement was made on the company’s official website.

The Berlin Major is set to adopt the same qualification and tournament format as other recent CS:GO majors.

Teams can earn a place at the event with either a top-14 finish in the Katowice Major, or by posting first or second-place finishes at one of four regional minor tournaments. The European and Americas minors begin on July 17, and the CIS and Asian minors kick off July 24. On July 29, a play-in between the four minors’ third-place teams will take place to fill the final two spots in Berlin.

The Berlin Major itself will start with the Challengers Stage, a 16-team Swiss style group stage, on August 20. Eight teams will be eliminated, while the other eight will advance to the Legends Stage, which begins August 27. Eight more teams are cut from there, with the remaining sides entering the Champions Stage, a single-elimination playoff series that runs from September 5-8.

StarLadder’s StarSeries events have been a staple of the competitive Counter-Strike calendar for years, attracting many of the best teams from European and CIS regions in particular. In 2016, StarLadder partnered with ImbaTV to deliver the StarSeries & i-League events, which boast some of the biggest prize pools in the game.

This is StarLadder’s first time handling a CS:GO major event.


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