Destiny stands up for CallMeCarson admist grooming allegations

Olivia Richman • January 6, 21:57

Popular streamer Steven Kenneth “Destiny” Bonnell II had some harsh words for anyone criticizing accused groomer Carson “CallMeCarson” King. 

CallMeCarson was accused of having sexually-charged conversations with underage fans, even exchanging photos with them, by former members of his Lunch Club group. Two such members appeared on Daniel “Keemstar” Keem’s Drama Alert program to share the accusations, which were later corroborated by former teens CallMeCarson had exchanged messages with, some of whom had saved screenshots of the conversations. 

While many were quick to call for CallMeCarson to be canceled for manipulating and grooming minors, others didn’t feel as strongly about the accusations. This includes Destiny, who seemed frustrated at what he feels is just “drama” surrounding the situation. He said that it would be a shame if CallMeCarson “offed himself” because “some dipshit fucking 17-year-old is saying he fucking manipulated her when he’s just two years older than her.” 

Destiny called the entire situation “fucking stupid” and a “fucking waste,” turning to Keemstar and other drama channels as part of the problem. 

“Everyone getting hyped on that and reporting on that and calling him a pedo should be ashamed of themselves. Holy shit. How stupid are you?” Destiny ranted. 

CallMeCarson drama continues

Streamer Charles “Moistcr1tikal” White had a similar take to Destiny. While he said he “wasn’t standing up for CallMeCarson,” the controversial YouTube commentary host said he really didn’t see a problem with a 19-year-old talking to a 17-year-old. 

“You’re literally in the same fucking grade,” Moistcr1tikal ranted. 

Of course, the true concern for many in the streaming community was the power dynamic between a popular streamer and an underage fan. It’s the same reason that former Rooster Teeth animator Ryan Haywood was condemned for attempting a return to Twitch after being accused of grooming underage fans and sharing their nudes. 

CallMeCarson has yet to make a statement about the accusations as they’ve continued to build up. As he continues to stay silent on social media, the streaming community has started to demand a response. 


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