Destiny ban

Destiny has been banned from Twitch again, and this is why

By Olivia Richman


Apr 29, 2021

Reading time: 2 min

Political streamer Steven “Destiny” Bonnel is in trouble with Twitch yet again. The popular personality had his Twitch account suspended after a guest shared an inappropriate image of Hunter Biden during a live stream. 

During the April 28 stream, Destiny was debating issues with a conservative commentator when the guest claimed to have the contents of Hunter Biden’s hacked laptop. The guest then pointed to their phone screen, showing a sexual image of Hunter Biden with two women. The sexual content got Destiny banned from Twitch, since it’s against the platform’s Terms of Service. 

It’s currently unclear how long the ban will be for. Suspensions are usually 24 hours to a week in length, though Sebastian “Forsen” Fors was banned for over a month after opening a clip that showed a horse penis. Sometimes severe situations can lead to permanent bans as well, especially if it’s a repeat offense. 

Destiny has not publicly commented on the ban anywhere on social media at the time of this writing. 

What happened to Destiny on Twitch?

Destiny has been suspended from Twitch after a guest shared a sexual image of Hunter Biden. This isn’t the first time that Destiny has gotten in trouble with Amazon’s streaming platform. Destiny lost his Twitch partnership in September 2020 after it seemed that he was promoting violence towards protesters. 

“The rioting needs to fucking stop,” Destiny said at the time. “And if that means white redneck fucking militia dudes out there mowing down dipshit protesters that think they can torch buildings at 10 PM, then at this point they have my fucking blessing.”

Before that, Destiny was banned for 24 hours in May 2020 for a case of accidental nudity. He was also suspended in January 2020 for showing an inappropriate thumbnail, leading to a short outburst from the streamer. 

Who is Destiny? 

Destiny is a political streamer that currently has 650,000 followers and averages thousands of live concurrent viewers during most streams. He started streaming back when Twitch was known as, although he was a StarCraft streamer originally. He’s now a political commentator, which has unsurprisingly led to an abundance of drama and tension, as well as a few suspensions.