Ana Voir Destiny

Destiny accuses Twitch streamer Ana Voir of stalking him

By Olivia Richman


Sep 28, 2021

Reading time: 2 min

Twitch streamer Steven “Destiny” Bonnell has addressed some concerning drama with Ana Voir, accusing the fellow streamer of stalking him.

Destiny and Ana Voir started talking casually, but the initially friendly interactions turned to drama in late September. Ana Voir tweeted that Destiny had gaslighted her by “publicly acting like she’s crazy” even though he was talking to her every day for months. She also accused him of manipulation for “acting like a boyfriend” once Destiny knew of Ana Voir’s feelings for him.

At first, the Twitch community sided with Ana Voir. But Destiny wasn’t having it.

During his own Twitch stream, Destiny called out viewers for having double standards. Destiny explained that if the genders were reversed in the situation, fans would want the man involved canceled and banned on Twitter.

“If I was on a show with a girl who was like, ‘Steven please leave me alone,’ and I was like, ‘Whoah, but you talked to me so I think that you should…’ I would be banned and I would be canceled like a motherf—–. Everybody would be tweeting that this guy is manipulative, crazy, and abusive,” Destiny said.

Instead, Destiny felt that people were excusing Ana Voir’s behavior because they thought she was attractive or because she was drawing sympathy through crying and distress.

Destiny told his fans that Ana Voir was messaging multiple streamers, including Destiny’s friends, in an attempt to make him out to be the “bad guy.” In response to this type of behavior, Destiny blocked Ana Voir on multiple social media platforms.

Despite being blocked for the past six months, Destiny claims that Ana Voir has found ways to still message him and his friends.

“She’s insane and she won’t leave me the f— alone. I don’t know what to do at this point,” Destiny said. “I’m not leading anybody on. I’m held f—— hostage to this insane f—— woman. I can’t just ignore her. It doesn’t work.”

Ana Voir hasn’t made a public statement in response to Destiny’s stream. But she did tweet about “emotional abuse” the same day as Destiny’s tell-all stream. She explained that she experienced “hostile withdrawal,” which led to her feeling “heightened anxiety.”

Who is Ana Voir?

Ana Voir is a Twitch streamer who most recently has been grinding Elder Scrolls. She has 3.8K followers on Twitch.

She is currently a full-time Master’s student studying clinical psychology. She specializes in trauma. According to her Twitter bio, Ana Voir is also interning as a therapist.

In the past, Ana Voir was a ballerina. She has danced since she was three, and also performed as a gymnast.