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Deadpool & Wolverine predicted to make $265 million opening weekend

By Olivia Richman


Jul 7, 2024

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Despite some superhero fatigue the past few years, fans are clearly pumped for Deadpool & Wolverine. Now, it’s believed that the highly anticipated anti-hero film is set to make up to $265 million on opening weekend.

Seeing Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman team up in this R-rated Marvel film has movie fans excited. The trailer shows plenty of hilarious and raunchy jokes, intense action, and a raw story full of friendship and redemption. The unlikely duo must work together to take down a common enemy.

The first Deadpool movie made history, earning $134 million its opening weekend. This made it the biggest R-rated movie of 2016. Now, Deadpool & Wolverine is predicted to double that amount due to the star power and excitement over the film. If this comes true, the movie will be seen as a redemption of the recently underwhelming Marvel universe.

Deadpool & Wolverine will make fans “lose their minds”

Director Shawn Levy is feeling quite confident about the upcoming movie. He is confident that fans will be laughing and mind blown the entire run time of the film.

During an interview with SFX magazine, Levy explained: “There are going to be moments that the audiences are going to love, but I’ll also say there are moments where they are going to lose their damn minds — like that times ten billion. Which is not a number, but I’m using it for hyperbole.”

He went on to say that audiences may not even be able to hear some lines of dialogue over their own laughter. Reynolds reportedly said that he was glad to hear that viewers couldn’t stop laughing enough to hear everything, joking that they’ll have to see the movie again then.

Only time will tell if Deadpool & Wolverine will be as funny and exciting as the director believes. But it seems that everyone involved in the project is confident that the movie will make bank and be exactly what fans were waiting for.

Deadpool & Wolverine is slated to hit theaters on July 26.


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