Deadmau5 says streamers “beg” for subscribers and money

By Olivia Richman


Oct 23, 2019

Reading time: 3 min

A PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds player got in an extremely heated debate with musician Joel “Deadmau5” Zimmerman about tipping at restaurants and streaming.

During a live stream, PUBG player Grizz began ranting about how American restauraunts “rely on the good will of patrons” to survive. He said making underpaid employees rely on tips was “bullshit.” 

“Like, who made up tipping? What the fuck?” Grizz said. 

Apparently, this rubbed Candadian artist Deadmau5 the wrong way. Deadmau5 said Grizz’s comments were “ironic” since they were coming from a streamer who “fucking begs for five bucks.”

“Get the fuck out of here with that shit,” Deadmau5 said.

Deadmau5 wasn’t done there though. He continued his rant in a mocking tone, whining, “‘Oh god, who invented tipping? That’s so lame. It’s like they’re entitled to it or something. Like and subscribe.'” 

As Deadmau5 laughed in the background, Grizz told him that streamers aren’t “begging.” 

“And neither are they,” Deadmau5 responded. 

Grizz didn’t take kindly to Deadmau5’s response to his viewpoint on tipping. The PUBG streamer started driving towards Deadmau5, eventually running him over as “friendly fire” appeared on the screen. 

“He’s a little butthurt,” Deadmau5 replied with a laugh. 

“I didn’t see you there at all,” Grizz responded with a laugh of his own. He added that Deadmau5 did deserve it though. 

After that comment, the musician couldn’t seem to stop laughing at the situation. He then told Grizz he didn’t really want to continue the conversation, telling the PUBG player to “move on.” 

“I want to have a conversation about it. You said what you wanted to say,” Grizz repeated. 

“I can’t imagine the outcry when Twitch starts taking more,” Deadmau5 said, cutting Grizz off as he kept attemping to discuss why tipping is a bad idea. 

Realizing that Deadmau5 was no longer going to listen to his point about the restaurants paying employees less, Grizz just told the artist that he was being insulting.

“Come on, dude. Grow a pair,” Deadmau5 shot back. “I get called a DJ every day.” 

After some silence, Grizz declared that he never asked for tips and never asked people for subs. Deadmau5 said he never said he did. He then repeated that waiters don’t ask for tips, either. 

This brought Grizz back to his original point that employees don’t beg for tips. His point was more the fact that restaurants underpay waiters and force them to rely on tips, whether they beg for them or not. It was a conversation slowly going around circles at this point. 

On Reddit, many within the streaming and gaming community sided with Deadmau5 on his stance regarding streamers. Some noted that they can’t even watch Fortnite streamer Timthetatman anymore because they feel he’s too desperate for gifted subs.

“The whole Fortnite movement started the begging for prime subs. No one did it before Ninja started begging for it every stream. Honestly, only Fortnite streamers are the ones that I usually see doing it constantly,” another added.

But not everyone disagreed with Grizz’s opinion on the concept of tipping.

“I honestly dont understand tipping culture and from what I can tell and have heard is that it is a result from shit wages in US. So servers/staff are very dependant on tips. It’s not really charity if it’s expected of you to tip,” one Redditor explained. They went on to note that people choose to donate to streamers they like, while tipping in America is almost a requirement.

“Tipping is an obligation laced with guilt,” added another Reddit user.