Dating tips for gamers

By William Davis


Sep 22, 2021

Reading time: 3 min

Single and passionate about gaming? Some lovestruck gamers have decided that they want to find a partner with similar interests, whether it’s anime bunge marathons or competing for high scores together at the arcade. 

One of the best ways to meet your player two is on a dating website or app. 

If you love games, you’re used to virtual reality, and online dating provides such a convenient way of hooking up with others on your wavelength. If you’ve already been tempted to try out a flirty dating site or app, it will always benefit you to take a few dating tips on board.

  1. Allocate time for dates

One thing many dating site users will admit to is that the experience can become just as addictive as their favorite computer games. 

It’s not difficult to understand why this might be! Once you have completed the straightforward application process, you’ll be given free rein to browse through the personal details of a host of interesting and exciting individuals, keeping an eye out for anyone sharing your passions. In-built algorithms will even help you find your ideal match by assessing aspects of your profile then cross-referencing these details with other users. 

But much as it can become tempting to become immersed in the wonderful dimension of online matchmaking, a crucial tip is to allow yourself time to make the most of any connection. Don’t become too fixated on virtual flirting and make sure you factor in time for dates amongst all your other activities.

  1. Set your priorities correctly

Just as you have a plan before commencing a game, you should have a clear idea of your objectives before getting into dating. What type of partner are you seeking, casual or long-term? These decisions will also impact your choice of dating site, as each will cater to a specific aspiration.

  1. Teach your date how to play with you

Once you’ve hooked up, gaming can become a valuable platform for kindling your relationship. 

Just as this topic will provide so much to chat about when you are exchanging messages, it can give you so much inspiration when you are arranging to meet face-to-face. 

Why not suggest a date night with a fabulous new game you have discovered? Offering to demonstrate how to master this would be such a potent icebreaker. You could turn this into a big occasion, with candles and lots of mouth-watering refreshments on hand.

Compete for the high score or try a fighting game where only one comes out on top. Make it a bet, winner picks the dating spot! You can also play cooperative games to see how you work together as a team. Communication is key. 

  1. Your interests may differ

Much as online dating is all about connecting with people with whom you can identify and making plans to hook up for experiences you’ll be able to enjoy together, there’s also a familiar adage about “opposites attracting.”

By all means, join in group discussion in chat rooms about anything to do with gaming, whether that’s the latest PS5 releases or who you think are favorites to win esports competitions. But you just never know who you might bump into when you least expect it.

Like gaming, online dating has always embraced the latest technological innovations. There are already so many overlapping areas, with both gamers and users interacting via dating platforms taking advantage of video chatting software or even virtual reality headsets to make communication more intense. 

If you haven’t succumbed to the allure of digital dating, we would suggest you at least give it a try. Most websites and apps offer free registration, allowing newbies to get a feel of what would be on offer!


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