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Data mine reveals hints on Apex Legends map Tropic Island

By Fariha Bhatti


Aug 26, 2021

Reading time: 2 min

Apex Legends’ map pool is expanding soon, data miners have revealed. 

Apex Legends’ map pool is still relatively small, but this will change in Season 11. Data miners suggest that a brand new map is coming to Apex Legends, bringing with it hostile creatures and futuristic vehicles. 

Respawns’s battle royale was originally released with just one map, but the developer later introduced a map rotation and added new locations to the game. As the game gets older, Respawn is rolling out more new maps and features. The developer recently introduced several changes to World’s Edge, and leakers claim there’s more to come. 

Apex Legends’ Tropic Island might have wildlife

After adding a brand new agent Seer to the Apex protocol, Respawn is cooking up a brand new location dubbed “tropic island,” leakers suggest. According to the credible data miner Shrugtal, who previously uncovered Apex’s Arenas mode before the launch, Apex’s next location will be a swampy one, and it’ll feature computer-controlled wildlife for the first time. 

Shrugtal also found lines of code called”mp_rr_ai_wildlife” in a test map, suggesting that the developer is finally bringing wildlife into the game. It’ll be interesting to see how the hostile animals interact with the legends, as it hadn’t happened before. The Apex Legends comics have plenty of animals to choose from for the game’s developers.

Olympus vehicles to arrive in Tropic Island

These leaks double down on GarretLeaks‘ find, who revealed that muddy trident vehicle would be the part of the new tropical map. Currently, these futuristic transports are exclusive to Olympus, but Season 11 will make them more prevalent across the game’s maps. Unlike Olympus’ squeaky clean vehicles, the cars in the new map will be covered in mud due to the wild environment. The latest leak confirms the theme for Apex Legends’ next map, hinting that it may be set in the wilds of Gaea. 

Where is the next Apex Legends map located?

While the location isn’t yet confirmed, data miners believe it would be set on the planet Gaea and would play home to Carthage spiders “as a persistent map feature and threat.” Comics make a mention of it multiple times as the birthplace of current legends Rampart, Caustic, and Crypto, so it shouldn’t be a surprise if the new location is indeed on Gaea. 

When is Apex Legends Season 11 releasing?

Apex Legends developers have yet to confirm finds by leakers, but players won’t have to wait for long to see them for themselves. Respawn recently rolled out Season 10 along with balance changes, map changes, and a new agent. To find out what’s next, players will have to wait for Season 11 to release on November 3.