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DAMWON Gaming vs. DRX: 2020 World Championship betting analysis

by | Oct 14, 2020

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Reading Time: 2 min.

DAMWON Gaming and DragonX are kicking off quarterfinals in the 2020 World Championship in the rematch of the LCK summer finals.

It’s been 38 days since the last time DAMWON and DRX played against each other, but it feels like a lifetime ago. DAMWON destroyed DRX in the LCK summer final and made it look like it was easy. One month and eight days later, DRX will look to strike back and take the victory DAMWON denied it in the summer.

DAMWON Gaming - Highlights

DAMWON takes over Worlds, DRX gets by

DAMWON is currently the frontrunner and favorite to take the title at Worlds. The LCK champion had a great run in the group stage with only one defeat. DAMWON is a versatile team that can play a broad variety of strategies, a trendsetter, and the type of opponent that doesn’t allow any mistakes to be made.

DRX had ups and downs in the group stage. The team looked scrappy and failed to use the advantages obtained in the early game. In some games, it felt as though DRX lacked a basic understanding of how to execute the composition in its hands. To make matters worse, players were still making mistakes that went unpunished because they faced weaker opponents.

Against a team like DAMWON, all players must perform. If DAMWON gets one opening, no matter how small, the team can accelerate and snowball out of control. It’s not the jungler that need to be stopped, or a single lane camped. It’s the entire map that needs attention. That’s what make DAMWON such a scary team. If one player gets focused, the remaining four are confident enough to continue with the plan.

DAMWON heavily favored to defeat DRX in Worlds 2020

On Winners.bet, the difference between DAMWON and DRX is huge. DAMWON is favored to take the win with 1.12 over DRX’s 5.35, and other bookmakers echo on this with similar numbers. This might be the series with the biggest odds difference throughout the quarterfinals at Worlds 2020.

DAMWON and DRX play on October 15 at 5 AM, CST.

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