Dafran returns to streaming part-time after farming internship

Jessica Scharnagle • December 15, 19:39

Six months after former Overwatch League player Daniel “Dafran” Francesca retired from streaming to pursue a career in farming, he has announced a return to part-time streaming while he sets up his own farm.

Dafran started his career as a personality in the Overwatch community as a streamer. He then had a short-lived career in the Overwatch League with the Atlanta Reign before returning to streaming. In June 2020, Dafran put out a statement that he was quitting streaming to learn how to grow vegetables and fruits. Dafran has a long history of being a troll and baiting his fans, but this move turned out to be real.

Shortly after, Dafran was found on Instagram interning for a farmer who praised him for truly wanting to learn the ropes of farming.

Is Dafran returning to streaming on Twitch?

While there is no set schedule for his streams, Dafran plans to stream using 50% of his time, and focus on his farm during the other 50%. Since he paused streaming in June, Dafran’s streams have been few and far between until mid-November when he started streaming with some frequency again. There are no indications of how often or how long his streams will be, but he has alluded to some farming-focused streams in his future, which is something many fans are asking for in their response to this latest news.

As for what he will be streaming, it is likely that Overwatch will still be Dafran’s game of choice. He did dabble with Valorant right before his leave of absence, but all of his recent streams have seen him playing Overwatch. 

In the last year, Dafran has made some pretty significant life changes. He stopped smoking, got an internship as a farmer, and has been enjoying posting about the things he has been growing to his Instagram. In November, he tweeted that his job at the farm, where he learned the basics, was over, and that he had bought a house where he plans to start a farm. His plan is to stream while also learning more about farming online, and to get his farm ready for the spring growing season. 

Moving forward, Dafran’s plan of action is to stream while building up the foundations of his new farm, using his streaming for additional income. He still has a month and a half left until he moves into his new house, so fans are hoping there will be some farming content on his streams soon.


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