dafran reemerges after social media disappearance as farmer

Morten Marstal • September 8, 22:28

Former professional Overwatch League player and Twitch streamer Daniel “dafran” Francesca is looking to plant himself in a new career according to an Instagram post 

Back in June, dafran made a lengthy post on Twitter explaining how he was set to enter a new chapter in his life in farming. Due to his spotty past in esports and his reputation as an online troll, many thought he was just messing with his fans.

But it seems that his trolling days have come to an end. 

A new Instagram post shows dafran with a wheelbarrow hauling soil with a caption from the owner of the farm praising him for his energy and drive. Dafran will be interning at the farm a few days a week, and fans assume that he is also pursuing an education in a related field. 

“…[dafran] has until now been known as @dafrandude professional gamer, but the vegetables and nature call to him and as he said today ‘it’s just awesome to be able to go outside every day,’” the Instagram post reads. 

Before the Instagram post, dafran went silent on social media. This isn’t a new occurrence, as the former OWL player has taken similar breaks in the past for a variety of reasons.

Fans weren’t sure if dafran was farming or trolling

Dafran is one of Overwatch’s most popular and most controversial personalities. He played for the Atlanta Reign for a very short period of time before stepping down to stream full time as a representative of the team. 

He left Overwatch behind him to pivot into tactical shooter Valorant. That ended up being short-lived as a public blowout with a tournament organizer and opposing team saw him banned for life from some tournaments.

From the start of his professional career in the gaming industry, dafran has always surprised and shocked fans with his next move, and it seems that this could be the final career for him. Dafran said in his twitlonger that he would stream occasionally, but so far his Twitch account has been silent.


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