Cypher’s new camera lineup shows that he’ll be viable on Breeze

By Fariha Bhatti


May 4, 2021

Reading time: 2 min

Breeze may be a map for controllers, but Cypher can annihilate the enemies with his tricks when used correctly. 

The extensive area opens ways for attackers to execute flanks. An agent like Cypher can help watch the backlines. His kit has many uses on Breeze. This new lineup for A site shows that he can employ his abilities in team games. A site is one of the most complex locations on Breeze. The mid doors and A-main favor the attackers to smoothly act out a split and wipe out defenders. Use this Cypher camera to keep an eye on entries and react quickly to pause enemy pushes. 

For this lineup, jump on the bridge’s ledge and move to the left until your aim aligns with the wall’s corner. Aim at the edge of the building and press the jump key. Attach your camera as soon as you jump to ensure that it sticks at a higher level. 

Cypher’s camera is pretty hard to notice anyway, but this position will make it invisible for enemies. The camera will be shrouded behind the balcony grills, making it a reusable lineup for a bunch of rounds. You can easily view enemies coming in from A main through Cypher’s eye. 

On a large map like Breeze, controllers play a crucial role to allow map control and facilitate hard pushes. Valorant professionals have explained how Breeze will help underrated agents like Astra and Viper come to the fore, but Sentinels also shine on the new location. This brand new lineup will help you experiment with new plays on Breeze when controller tricks get repetitive and players find counter-plays for them. 

What’s the best agent to use on Breeze?

Breeze is still a new map as it hasn’t even arrived in competitive queues, so it’s still early to say who’ll be viable. However, the complex area, various entries, and large size inform that it’ll likely be a map for controllers. Smokers can help block out angles and make way for duelists to push in and clear out areas safely. 

However, the meta will surely evolve when Breeze enters the competitive queues. At first glance, it does seem like a smoker map, but Sentinels may have tons of potential on the vast location. Covering flanks will be a tall order on Breeze, and teams may require services of Killjoy or Cypher to bag rounds on attacker’s side. 


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