Custa holds charity stream to help with Australian wildfires

Morten Marstal • January 9, 00:00

Australia is on fire and a former Overwatch League player is holding a charity stream to help out his home country.

Former Los Angeles Valiant player and soon-to-be Overwatch League caster Scott “Custa” Kennedy held a charity stream to benefit the New South Wales Rural Fire Service.

The NSW RFS is the lead agency that combats fires in NSW. The majority of the fires are affecting areas along the southern border of Queensland and stretch all the way down the coast to parts of Victoria, but there are fires burning across every Australian state.

Custa is an Australian native and held a charity stream to help the firefighters battling the flames. He put together a charity stream and started with a donation goal of $4,000 but cleared that mark within three hours. He ended the charity stream with a total of $10,345.61.

While Custa advertised the donation drive as a cooking stream, there wasn’t much actual cooking that got done as it mostly consisted of Custa running around his apartment, looking for utensils, ingredients, and appliances. He eventually discovered he didn’t actually own any measuring cups, a hand mixer, or mixing bowls. Scarily, his “measurements” were made by asking Twitch chat if the amount looked right, and he often looked for advice from chat.

Though fans shouldn’t be writing down recipes, the entertainment value was high, which was a big part of why the donations totalled more than double the original goal.

Custa is known for his fun and outgoing personality, but also his kindness. He won the Dennis Hawelka Award, an award given to the player that had the most positive impact on the community, in Season 2.

In addition to Custa’s successful charity stream, fans are calling on Blizzard to host a drive of its own. The Overwatch publisher created limited edition skins for Mercy, which served as a charity event for breast cancer research.

So far there has been no word of such a charity from Blizzard.


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