CSGO’s Operation Riptide week 2 mission guide

By Kenneth Williams


Sep 28, 2021

Reading time: 2 min

Ready to earn all six stars in CSGO’s Operation Riptide week two? 

The second set of Operation Riptide missions is now available, containing a ton of cool challenges including another guardian mission and a trip to a new competitive map. Here’s how to complete every Operation Riptide mission and get another windfall of stars in week two.

Competitive – Short Match – Basalt

The second week of Operation Riptide comes with another simple mission with a big three-star reward. This mission makes you play on Basalt, one of the new competitive maps in CSGO. The short match feature will speed up this process, as all three stars can be claimed with one game win. If your Basalt skills aren’t up to snuff, just grind the map until you manage 21 round wins. 

Guardian – Amphibious Assault

CSGO’s cooperative game mode Guardian is a fun way to earn Operation Riptide stars with friends. This mode requires you and a friend to defend a beach from an invading army of bots. Scoped weapons including the AUG and AWP are useful for this challenge. As a tip, remember that you can pixelwalk on the arches just below the spawn platform. Drop down if the enemies begin to flank you.

Deathmatch – Group Sigma – Aim Above The Flippers

Everyone could use some aim training, and the two-star reward makes it even sweeter. Head to the queue menu and select deathmatch in the sigma map group, which includes precision weapons like the buffed M4A1-S or SSG 08 Scout can help you line up 30 headshots in a single match or 50 over multiple. The new free-for-all deathmatch mode will make this mission faster, as long as you can stomach getting spawn camped a bunch every round.

Demolition – Explosive Swimmer

This Operation Riptide mission rewards one star for either getting 14 kills or dealing damage with a grenade. In Demolition mode, players earn new weapons by eliminating enemy players similar to Arms Race. It’s impossible to buy grenades in demolition, but players can earn them as a special reward for getting multiple kills in a single round. If you’re lucky enough to get an HE or molotov, make sure to use it carefully.