CSGO’s next operation should steal Valorant’s Spike Rush

By Nick Johnson


Aug 14, 2020

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While Counter-Strike: Global Offensive’s recent Shattered Web operation didn’t come bundled with any limited-time game modes, the shooter’s next operation should copy Valorant game mode Spike Rush wholesale.

CSGO is a notoriously difficult game to get into and learn for new players. The game’s tutorial is lacking, and the difference between Counter-Strike’s casual game mode and its competitive mode are too many to list. While there aren’t any item builds to save or champions to learn like in League of Legends, CSGO’s systems are sometimes more difficult to understand and play around.

In comes Valorant. Riot Games’ shooter also has a more casual mode and it would be a perfect fit for CSGO. Matches in Spike Rush last anywhere from five to ten minutes, making it a small time commitment for a quick dose of first-person shooter action.

Valorant’s Spike Rush could be a great addition to CSGO’s next operation

All 10 players spawn with the same loadout, meaning that players are never at an advantage or disadvantage due to the game’s economy or a player’s weapon choice. CS could probably ditch Spike Rush’s map powerups, but its general settings are a perfect match for players trying to learn the ins and outs of these complicated shooters.

CSGO currently has a similar game mode called Demolition, but the mode in inherently unfriendly to new players. Demolition starts players with specific weapons, and each kill moves the player to the next weapon in Demolition’s loadout list. While this allows players the chance to test out CSGO’s weapons, some players will have an advantage or disadvantage based on their performance in each round. By copying Valorant’s Spike Rush, CSGO could provide the quick CSGO fix expert players want while still allowing the mode to be easily accessible to the game’s newest players.

Valorant’s developers even stated that the entire point of the mode is to allow players a more relaxed environment to play in.

“We wanted to make a mode that you could dedicate roughly under 15 minutes of time to, with more player uptime, and allow a little more room to try out new characters, abilities, and guns in a more relaxing environment,” Riot said.

Considering CSGO’s generally unhelpful tutorial, a game mode like this is exactly what Counter-Strike needs.

Fans don’t know when CSGO’s next operation is going to make its way to live servers, but there are usually hints that fans can track. From code updates to release schedules, read all the signs that come before a CSGO operation by clicking the image below.

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