CSGO wall hack bug still present in game after latest patch

By Olivia Richman


Aug 19, 2020

Reading time: 2 min

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive players were disappointed to find out that yesterday’s patch still hadn’t fixed a potentially game-breaking wall hack bug. 

For the past week, CSGO players have been exploiting a wall hack discovered by YouTuber “Sparkles” on August 12. Similar to a previous wall hack bug, players can boot up the game without activating the first-person shooter’s vpk files. CSGO players can create their own custom vpk files to replace the old vpk files. This allows them to change the game’s audio, making it easier to hear opponents, not render smokes, or even show enemies through walls on the map. 

After creating a keybind that allows players to spam and overload “sv_pure” verification when booting onto a server, players will be able to simply bypass all of these checks. 

An exploit like this can break the game, giving players an unfair advantage over their opponents. It’s even more concerning since the hacks can’t be detected by any third-party anti-cheat, such as those utilized by FACEIT and ESEA. This leaves only manual reviews by Valve and the Overwatch system, meaning it’s currently not too easy to crack down on the new exploit. 

The previous exploit was patched out just a couple days after Sparkles revealed it on August 4, but players suspect it may take Valve more time to figure out how to deal with this newer version. Meanwhile, CSGO players can report players they suspect of using the wall hack exploit. 

What’s in CSGO’s August 17 patch?

It’s no surprise that the latest patch didn’t target this bug that has proven difficult to crack for the game’s developer. The update was generally minor, focused on a few quality-of-life issues. 

The match scoreboard will now display which players were playing as a party when skill groups are revealed. The average wait times for finding matches on CSGO’s official game servers are now region-specific. The Rcon connection from client will now get established asynchronously and the address cannot be changed while connecting to a dedicated server. 

The CSGO patch also includes “several stability improvements.” 

While ongoing fixes are always welcome, CSGO players are most likely disappointed that the game-breaking bug is still in the game for now. 


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