CSGO update adds visibility options that make players easier to see

By Steven Rondina


Jun 11, 2020

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Valve is making character models a bit easier to pick out in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.

The “Enemy Spotted” update to CSGO has shipped, with the patch focusing heavily on making character models easier to pick out for players without fancy graphics cards or monitors. This includes new settings in the CSGO options menu, as well as some changes to problematic areas on certain maps.

The centerpiece of the update is a “Boost Player Contrast” option in the video settings, which does exactly what one might expect from it. When enabled, the new feature sharpens the contrast between character models and environmental textures, making it easier to spot enemies.

The example used in the update is a default terrorist character model in B tunnels on Dust 2. The combination of a brown area, a brown outfit on the character, and dim lighting makes it hard to pick out the character model from a distance. By enabling the new feature, the character models appear much darker than the background and thus are easier to spot from a distance.

While Valve isn’t copying the red outlines that surround enemy heroes in games like Overwatch, this effect is achieved through similar means such as “strengthening edge pixels” and “creating a small contrasting halo around a character.”

This new feature is likely welcome news for most CSGO players. While those with high-powered monitors and graphics cards have been able to achieve something similar through their raw hardware, this will ideally provide a more accessible and more easily executed alternative for others.

Dust 2, Overpass receive changes to help with player visibility

Valve didn’t just make huge and sweeping changes to how characters are graphically rendered in CSGO. They also made some straightforward changes to troublesome props in some maps. Anyone that has played CSGO for any length of time will have encountered some of these at one point or another.

The bicycle on the wall on Overpass’ long has been removed, as have been the few remaining bits of ivy from the area outside bathrooms. The windows opposite the bombsite at Dust 2’s A were also raised, getting rid of the perpetually troublesome camouflage they provided during firefights from catwalk. A slew of dimly lit areas were also brightened up, including Overpass’ connector and the market window in Mirage.

Outside of this was a surprising change to Dust 2, with the doors between the B bomb site and pathway to mid being flipped.

The full list of changes can be found on the official CSGO website.


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