CSGO pros are using a new jump bind for EZ grenades

By Kenneth Williams


Oct 25, 2021

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Jump binds are super useful for throwing grenades in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, but pro players are abusing a Source engine quirk for a new and improved method.

Astralis player and Stockholm Major qualifier Lucas “Bubzkji” Andersen revealed his new jump bind through social media. With Bubzkji’s new tech, players can now throw grenades slightly further without giving up any accuracy. 

To try his grenade bind for yourself, open the developer console and paste the following block. In this case, you can change “n” to whatever button you want.

bind “n” “+forwardjumpthrow”;alias “+forwardjumpthrow” “+forward;+jump;-attack”;alias “-forwardjumpthrow” “-jump;-forward”

This bind is unique from the old one because it includes a brief forward movement when you hit the button. Some of the momentum is transferred to the grenade, which results in further throws that are consistent every time. To make this your permanent jump bind, be sure to put those console commands in the startup options through the Steam library.

Remember to initiate the grenade throw, keep your mouse held down, and stay completely still when you hit your grenade bind. The forward input makes it so that your character gains momentum on the exact same tick as the jump. 

New jump bind goes further than normal

To prove that this new jump bind is effective, we can set up some simple tests to compare it with the normal jump bind. For this example, we have to use one of the longest sightlines in competitive CSGO. Our starting point is the very back corner of A long towards T spawn. 

Blog post image

The shorter one used the traditional jump-and-throw grenade bind. The further smoke was thrown with Bubzkji’s new jump bind. The tick of forward movement applies a small, but noticeable amount of speed to the throw. The example will bounce off the stone wall if you aim any higher. This opens up a ton of new grenades on a bunch of different maps.

Blog post image

The bind takes advantage of a very specific part of the Source engine. When players jump, they carry momentum from their ground movement. But once they jump, forward inputs will no longer make their character move faster. This small engine quirk means that the forward movement will always be consistent no matter how long you hold the button.

Since this new bind changes the grenade’s trajectory, you’ll need to practice new smokes and flashes. Here are some useful console commands for setting up a practice environment. Alternatively, you can have multiple jump binds by using different hotkeys in the console commands.


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