CSGO pro dies to a clipping bug during major tournament

Fariha Bhatti • October 30, 11:32

Clipping bugs may not mean much in your ranked games, but it cost Astralis a crucial round in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive’s biggest event, the PGL major Stockholm. 

Valve isn’t necessarily known for listening to community concerns and resolving them promptly. The community has managed to deal with mediocre bugs by finding ways to work around them. However, some bugs can be game-changing in high-stake matches, like a Challengers knockout game during PGL major. 

During a Challengers stage game between Team Spirit and Astralis, Philip “Lucky” Ewald fell into the claws of the infamous clipping bug in CSGO that has existed since the game’s release in 2012. This was a crucial game for Astralis as it needed to beat Spirit to claim the last Legends spot after a disappointing start in the Challengers stage.

The scoreline was 9-10 when the clipping bug got triggered. Lucky was hiding inside bombsite A with a pricey AWP, waiting for Abdulkhalik “degster” Gasanov to turn a corner. Unfortunately, his sniper clipped through the concrete wall, revealing his position to the enemy. Using the information, Degster pushed an anti-flash on Lucky, who lost the expensive weapon and ultimately the round. 

The scoreline was balanced at 10-10, and Astralis eventually won the game, but the bug has left a massive question mark on Valve’s attitude towards CSGO. Clipping bug isn’t a new issue. Many players have reported weird instances where this particular glitch heavily impacted the match outcome. In this instance, the bug could have cost Astralis their spot at Legends stage in CSGO’s most significant major to date. 

Hopefully, Valve will pay attention after its occurrence during the major. Many CSGO pros have highlighted the glitch, prompting Valve to take an instant action to prevent similar situations. 

It remains to be seen if CSGO dev ever responds to the glitch or slips it under the rug. 

What’s the clipping bug in CSGO?

CSGO has a graphical bug that allows some players to see through objects, despite not having any exploit enabled. While some of these wallhack bugs have proper lineups, others can be triggered randomly. These bugs often happen with weapons when players are standing too close to thin walls or objects. 


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