CSGO Operation Riptide week three mission guide

Reading time: 2 min

Operation Riptide has six more stars up for grabs if you’re able to handle its latest challenges.

Grab a friend, because this week’s Riptide missions encourage a little camaraderie. Week three only has four challenges to pick from, and each one uses its own separate game mode. Here’s how to make short work of Operation Riptide week three and earn your well-deserved stars.

Casual – Dust 2 – Wipeout

This is probably the easiest mission in Riptide week three, but don’t underestimate it. You’ll need to take your eyes off the enemy to apply the spray, and getting killed on the way to the site won’t help. The first five spots are much easier to access as a counter-terrorist, while the final five are closer to T spawn. Casual matches get cleared out pretty quickly, so don’t be afraid to rush to your next spot after the opening kills settle down.

Wingman – Ravine

The second challenge for week three thankfully includes an optional clear condition. You’ll need to win 21 rounds on Ravine in the wingman game mode. Ravine is one of the new maps added for Riptide, so this will help you get acquainted with the new battleground. The reward for this one is a whopping three stars, so this and the Dust 2 casual mission are the best and fastest ways to max out your rewards in week three.

Guardian – Point Break

To play this mission, you’ll need to queue with a fellow marksman. Guardian: Blacksite tasks players with defending a small fort of shipping containers from an onslaught of bots. It’s more difficult than it sounds, as the sheer number of bots makes it easy to get flanked.

If you can avoid any bots sneaking up on you, it shouldn’t take long to rack up the necessary kills. The AWP is the obvious choice here, but an auto-sniper will help counteract the endless hordes of Source engine AI bots.

Retakes – Carve Them Up

Retakes is another fun cooperative game mode with a much more competitive spirit than Guardian. You and a friend will need to dish out 2,000 damage, which can be accomplished across multiple matches.

This mission doesn’t require you to play on any particular map, so the queue times should be short. The alternative clear condition is to deal 1,000 damage in a single match, which can be more difficult to accomplish in what is typically a short game mode. Just grind retakes until the two Riptide star reward is yours.