CSGO Operation Riptide week nine mission guide

By Kenneth Williams


Nov 16, 2021

Reading time: 2 min

Week nine of Operation Riptide is called Nautical Mile, so enjoy some oceanside views while you line up headshots.

Week nine of Operation Riptide should boost your star reserves to 58, which gets you even closer to shiny new Counter-Strike: Global Offensive cosmetics. From new gun skins to agents, stickers, patches, and more, there’s tons of stuff to purchase in the Riptide store. Here’s how to secure the six maximum stars available in Riptide week nine.

Danger Zone – Blacksite – Hit The Poop Deck

According to Operation Riptide’s week nine missions, there’s nothing wrong with a little vandalism. The first mission rewards up to three stars for spraying graffiti in certain parts of the Blacksite Danger Zone map.

There are nine total spots with a star for every three locations. Blacksite isn’t always available, so be sure to check the Danger Zone map before you queue up for this Riptide mission.

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Unlike previous Danger Zone checklist missions, you can complete the checklist in any order. That means that you should go for the safest options first before the more dangerous ones. The locations are pretty spread-out, but spawning on the northwest corner of the map puts you right next to the lighthouse, bridge, and picnic areas. Save the water tower for last, as it’s easy to get sniped before you spray. 

Wingman – Shortdust

Two-on-two mode can earn you three stars for week nine. You’ll need to either score 20 headshot kills or land nine headshots in a single match. Keep in mind that double-dinks from the M4s won’t count twice, so grab an AK-47 whenever it’s available. Shortdust is a very uncommon map in CSGO, but it’s well-suited to the Wingman game mode. Remember that throwing a smoke on site and rushing the bomb down is almost always a sound strategy.

Guardian – Stern Warning

Guardian missions are a staple of CSGO operations, and Riptide is no different. This week’s Guardian mission requires players to get kills with pistols. It doesn’t matter which pistol you use, which pretty much means you’ll be using the Desert Eagle. Get the required 20 kills and the two-star reward is yours. This isn’t week nine’s only Riptide mission that’ll have you going for Deagle one-taps.

Demolition – Take A Bow

It’s easy to forget about CSGO’s demolition game mode, but Valve is reminding players week after week.

Riptide week nine’s mission is to upgrade your weapon 18 times or get two Desert Eagle kills in a single match. In Demolition, players upgrade their weapons by killing enemy players. Multi kills will earn grenades, which are chosen randomly. Demolition matches are short and snappy, so expect to earn your two Riptide stars in just a few games.