CSGO Operation Riptide week 11 mission guide

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Operation Riptide week 11: Water, Water, Everywhere will have you surf between four different game modes. 

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive’s Operation Riptide is in the final stretch, and week 11 is a chance to up your star collection to 70. This set of missions involves Retakes, Guardian, deathmatch, and the classic competitive short match. Find out how to tackle each mission and earn your six Riptide stars with our week 11 mission guide.

Competitive – Short Match – Overpass

The first mission this week is as simple as it gets. You’ll need to win 21 rounds or one match on Overpass. Overpass usually has a longer queue time than most other competitive maps, but the three stars up for grabs will probably change that. Get this mission done during week 11 to quickly find matches. There’s no real trick to completing this one, but you’ll be able to grab a Riptide case or a few stickers once you’re done.

Guardian – Glacial Lake

In this mission, you’ll need to gun down 20 bots with the MP9. You can purchase the cheap CT submachine gun on your second buy, so you’ll only need to survive five waves in order to finish the mission. The MP9 is particularly accurate while jumping, so you can dodge and weave through enemies as needed. The tradeoff is its very poor armor penetration, so we highly recommend using the Zeus to deal with any armored opponents.

Deathmatch – Group Delta – Geothermal Springs

Deathmatch missions usually task you with scoring kills, but week 11 charges players with staying alive to earn two Riptide stars. You’ll need to use 12 healthshots across matches or five in a single session. It can be hard to find time to use it, so go for team deathmatch in the queue options.

Players earn a healthshot for every three kills, so get your frags and duck into a corner. The gadget is actually labeled as the Medi-Shot in the game’s files, but not even Valve calls it that in-game.

Retakes – Blast Fishing

The final week 11 Riptide mission is to deal 250 grenade damage across multiple matches. It also has the alternate win condition of dealing 100 damage in a single match. Grenade stacks are a powerful tool in Retakes, especially if you use an advanced grenade jump bind to really send it downrange. If you queue up this week and ask nicely, the enemy team might be willing to work out a deal with you to get this mission finished early and easily.


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