CSGO meets Bomberman in this crazy new custom mod

Fariha Bhatti • April 8, 2021 7:21 am

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive’s Bomberman mod has massive grenades, complex arenas, and a big nostalgia trip in store for anyone who likes the classic game series. 

The popular game Bomberman has been recreated by French CSGO content creator and animator Zool. The developer has previously created a MIGI modding tool and has made several creative mods for Valve’s first-person shooter, including the popular Classic Offensive. This time he’s mixed and merged CSGO and Bomberman to create a new game that has big explosions and epic music. 

90s hit Bomberman featured small bombs and a complex maze on a pixelated backdrop. Players were tasked with making it through a labyrinth by dodging deadly grenades placed at every corner. The game is a classic, and Zool has a treat for all of its fans. 

Zool picked up the Bomberman basics took them up a notch. The developer has turned the classic game into a 3D CSGO maze with similar goals and tasks. As in the original Bomberman, players will be placing nades carefully around the arena, picking up keys and cards, and trying to make it out alive with bombs laid all around them. Zool released a teaser that featured CSGO agents toying around with grenades on fresh locations. 

Iconic game Bombergame goes first-person with CSGO mod

The gameplay remains the same, as strategically placed bombs explode in multiple directions in order to destroy obstacles and kill enemies. But unlike in the original version, Zool’s Bomberman has CSGO’s first-person perspective. The creator has been updating CSGO fans about the progress of the mod, and fans are eagerly waiting for the release. The first clip looked like any other CSGO custom map, but the developer shared more images that looked like 3D copies of Bomberman’s classic arena. 

His teasers received a positive response from CSGO fans, who are always quick to jump on custom mods. While CSGO is a highly competitive game, the casual vibe of mods like Bomberman is often a hit among the players. 

The trailer also showed the settings hub where players will be able to pick the desired locations and customize user configurations. After selecting their settings, players will walk through a tunnel that will lead them to the elected map. According to Zool, the project has nearly been completed and will be available to play on the Steam workshop soon. 


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