CSGO logo takes aim at Fortnite in a battle at Reddit Place

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Counter-Strike: Global Offensive has found a permanent spot in Reddit Place, but the placement takes shots at another popular shooter.

Reddit Place has returned to celebrate April Fools’ Day 2022 and with it comes groups of Reddit users dedicated to showing off their community. The popular CSGO subreddit r/GlobalOffensive is one such group. The community collaborated to create a CSGO logo that takes up the entire upper left-hand corner of the display, a hotly-contested zone.

But that’s not all. Whether intentional or accidental, the logo’s weapon is also aimed directly at the Fortnite logo.

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Due to the limited space available on Place, gaming communities often have to bunch up together. With a logo depicting a soldier pointing a gun, the barrel unfortunately has to point at something. Due to vastly different gameplay and general animosity between communities, Fortnite and CSGO have always had a bit of a rivalry as popular shooter games. The coincidental placement of both logos proves that the feud is still on to this day.

While having the CSGO logo on Reddit Place is enough for most users, a large handful of gamers are attempting to add even more. The handful of pink pixels located near the logo character’s groin is exactly what you think it is. Attempts to expand the additional unit have been halted by purists as well as members of other communities. As of early April 2, it stretched into a few other gaming designs but has since been considerably cut back. More family-friendly fans prefer adding a simple smiley face to the logo instead.

Gaming communities swarm Reddit Place

CSGO and Fortnite aren’t the only two games competing for space at Reddit Place. The upper portion of the pixel art plaza is full of collaborative art from gaming communities.

The Dota 2 community has banded together to put their own esports’ logo just below CSGO’s. The simple logo features the game’s name as well as pixel art of the character Juggernaut just below. The Natus Vincere esports team logo sits just southeast of both games.

Right above the CSGO Reddit Place logo is a massive Genshin Impact logo which has been taken over by Shrek fans (or trolls) to read GenShrek. Just below that is a clown from Space Station 13 and the team logo of the Calgary Flames ice hockey team. The frog to the right of the CSGO logo is the memetic Froggy Chair from Animal Crossing.

What is Reddit Place?

Reddit Place started as a social experiment on April Fools Day in 2017. Registered users can edit a large virtual canvas located on a subreddit called r/place by changing the colors of the image’s pixels. After each pixel is placed, a timer prevents that same user from placing more pixels for five to 20 minutes.

In 2017, the experiment lasted 72 hours before it was ended by Reddit administrators. At that point, over 1 million users had edited the canvas, placing a total of around 16 million tilkes.

On March 28, 2022, Reddit announced that Place was being resurrected on April 1, 2022. It’s currently ongoing, with various gaming communities attempting to create large logos that represent their fandom. Place ultimately ends up being a battle, with communities fighting for a large piece of the canvas real estate. Currently, CSGO has a massive showing.