CSGO legends TaZ and NEO are coming back to form new Polish team

Olivia Richman • February 8, 2020 6:30 am

Filip “NEO” Kubski and Wiktor “TaZ” Wojitas are forming a new Counter-Strike: Global Offensive team.

Very few details about the new team have been revealed thus far, but NEO and TaZ are reportedly already recruiting in hopes of filling their roster with the “most talented and promising players in the Polish CSGO scene.”

In a statement, TaZ discussed how his long history with NEO was paramount to the new team’s success, even if they both had a shaky past few years.

“It’s obvious that Neo and I needed time to work through our past. When you have played with someone for so many years, spent so much time together and shared moments of both glory and defeat, it’s difficult to sort things out,” TaZ said. “Time has worked in our favor though. It showed that the bond we have is much bigger than only the game we play together.”

The Polish pros have a long history together and were most recently reunited in December of 2019 when NEO was a stand-in for ARCY during the WESG qualifiers. Before joining TaZ in ARCY, NEO had been absent from the pro scene since September 2019 after being released from FaZe Clan. Working to help lead the team in-game, NEO drove that team to the DreamHack Masters Dallas semi-finals and the BLAST Pro Series Los Angeles finals. But those accomplishments weren’t enough to merit a continued spot on the roster for the Polish legend.

NEO and TaZ played together in Poland for 14 years on teams including Pentagram, Meet Your Makers, and Virtus.pro. During their time together, NEO and TaZ won a CSGO Major in 2014. TaZ was benched by Virtus.pro in 2018 and later played for Kinguin. The same year, NEO left Virtus.pro to play for FaZe as a stand-in.

Fans are excited to see the veterans playing with each other once again, but might have to wait a while longer for more substantial information.


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