CSGO community comes together on /r/place to celebrate

By Kenneth Williams


Jul 27, 2023

Reading time: 2 min

The CSGO community flexed its muscles to give their favorite game a spot on /r/place, but it was not to last.

/r/place doesn’t come around very often, but when it does, it quickly becomes a hotspot for fandoms of stripes to represent themselves. Various video games often take center stage, and CSGO was no exception. However, just because art appears doesn’t mean it will survive forever. Here’s the history of the game’s spot on /r/place and how CSGO ended up being represented.

/r/place is a collaborative event on Reddit where users can draw on a massive canvas, with each user contributing a single pixel every few minutes. The catch is that pixels can be overwritten, so any major work is a constant collaborative effort between hundreds, if not thousands, of users. Popular CSGO streamer ohnePixel was the first personality to rally his base, and they wound up creating the classic Counter-Strike logo with some… unofficial additions.

Valve acknowledged CSGO /r/place murals

The effort even got some attention from Valve, with the developer posting the art to official Counter-Strike social media channels. The company applauded fans’ efforts, though it didn’t seem particularly keen on the community’s addition between the silhouette’s legs.

However, the logo would not last forever. Shortly after ohnePixel stopped streaming that day, other communities came in to replace the logo with symbols from other media. The orange and blue logo is now lost to time, but CSGO wasn’t removed from the canvas entirely. The game’s ranks started appearing in another location, though vandalism efforts resulted in it ending up with some unwelcome additions.

CSGO ranks /r/place

Lastly, the remaining Counter-Strike 1.6 even got in on the fun with its own mural of the game’s box art. This, too was acknowledged by the developer after it was posted to social media by ohnePixel.