CSGO Anniversary Update nerfs AUG, adds classic version of Dust 2

Steven Rondina • June 19, 09:31

Counter-Strike is now 20 years old and Valve is throwing a party for it.

The 20th Anniversary update to Counter-Strike: Global Offensive has dropped. The update brought a few small additions to the game which were overshadowed by a massive nerf that is likely going to delight many fans and players alike.

Two new features were added to celebrate Counter-Strike’s anniversary.

For a limited time, the casual Dust 2 matchmaking option has been switched to feature an altered version of the map. Each round, the game swaps between the current version of Dust 2 and a retro version that features the classic visuals alongside the previous layout to the map that features no car, a shorter door at the end of mid, and an enclosed B-site window. It’s a blast to the past for longtime fans and one that demonstrates how much prettier the game is these days than in those years past.

The other addition is a new sticker capsule entirely comprised of the iconic chicken from Inferno and Cobblestone. The capsules cost $0.99.

The update also brings a major gameplay change in the form of a nerf to the AUG, with the CT-exclusive gun being altered “to bring its utility more in line with other rifles.” This includes a lower rate of fire and a noticeable decrease in accuracy while unscoped.

The AUG has been a dominant force in CSGO since the IEM Katowice Major in February. Both the AUG and SG-553 enjoyed a price drop ahead of the event which saw pros much more willing to experiment with the guns. Though the SG-553 found mixed results, the AUG has almost completely replaced the M4A4 and M4A1-S.

The price of the AUG was raised following the major, but the gun became even more popular in the months that followed. At the ECS Season 7 Finals, the AUG was purchased more than three times more often than the M4A4, while the M4A1-S has almost entirely disappeared from competitive CSGO.

The AUG still offers a number of valuable tools to the CT side, including incredible long-range accuracy and one-shot kill potential at close range. Whether its reduced effectiveness in mid-range sprays will see the M4 options return to their former glory will be something to watch for at upcoming tournaments.

The full patch notes can be found on the official CSGO blog.


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