CSGO adds Antwerp Major Pass, team stickers, and autographs

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Pick out some slots on your play skins, because the Antwerp Major Pass brings brand-new stickers and souvenirs to Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

The Antwerp Major Pass, along with new team stickers and autographs, are now available in CSGO. The update brings six new sticker packs and the return of souvenir skin cases. CSGO esports fans can also earn a new diamond major coin with the new Pick’ems. Here are all the details on the pass and new stickers for the CSGO Stockholm Major.

The Stockholm Major Pass is now available in-game for $9.99. Purchasing the base pass grants access to the commemorative coin challenge, souvenir skin coins, and Pick’ems. The $17.99 version comes loaded with three souvenir coins. Players can still purchase team stickers and capsules without purchasing the Antwerp Major Pass.

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The return of a major means that Pick’ems are back on the table. The Antwerp Major commemorative coin tasks players with predicting which teams will get through the group stages, advance to the playoffs, and win the whole event. Completing Pick’ems challenges upgrades the coin’s material from bronze to diamond and rewards souvenir coins.

Antwerp Major Pass brings autographs and team stickers back to CSGO

A shiny diamond coin isn’t the only new cosmetic added with the Antwerp Major Pass. Players can now purchase Antwerp Major team and autograph sticker capsules for $0.99 each. The pods come in three versions based on the stage of the tournament teams qualified for. Legends, Challengers, and Contenders are separated into groups of eight each. 

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The team stickers sport a very clean design similar to the Stockholm Major slaps. Sharp eyes will notice that th e logo has been moved relative to the previous installment. It’s a very similar format to the coveted Katowice 2014 team stickers, though nowhere near as expensive. The Stockholm Major team stickers come in four different rarities from blue to red.

The Stockholm Major Pass update also brings player autographs. These stickers are similarly sorted by Regional Major Rankings performance. These pods contain all 40 player autographs in the same rarities as the team stickers. The new designs are also available as in-game graffitis for players with the Stockholm Major Pass.

Blue is the basic sticker, but purple adds a glittery effect to the player’s handwriting. The pinks keep the glitter and add reflective patterns that show in the light. The rarest Stockholm Major Pass stickers are the traditional gold. All stickers are underlined with a blocky lion representing the traditional Belgian coat of arms. The Antwerp Major Pass and sticker shop will most likely end on June 20, 2022.


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