CS2 Case Hardened phone skins are real, you could get a blue gem as well

By Fariha Bhatti


Jul 11, 2024

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dBrand’s Counter-Strike 2 Case Hardened gadget skins are the next best thing to the $1 million AK-47 blue gem sold earlier in June.

CS2 has hundreds of rare skins that can cost an arm and a leg, but few are in their own league, like the blue gem pattern for Case Hardened skins. In June, a StatTrak Factory New #661 Case Hardened AK-47 with a rare blue gem design was sold for $1 million. This sale perfectly showcases the rarity and significance of this specific pattern.

On July 11, gadget skin company dBrand materialized the dream of any CS2 fan with Case Hardened skins with game-like rarity and odds. This means players can now dip their gadgets in blue gem colors without paying a million dollars.

dBrand Case Hardened phone skins are the closest thing to a real CS2 skin

This is by no means a unique idea or design. Case Hardened phone cases are as old as the pattern itself, but dBrand has given it a new spin with blue gem drop odds and CS2-style rare patterns.

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Simply put, all cases purchased will be different from one another based on the color seeding and patterns. Just like in CS2, lucky players may end up getting a blue gem case. Currently, you can buy skins for the products from 14 different tech brands including Valve, Apple, Samsung, and more. dBrand has also included skins for consoles, but they are a tad pricey.

Blue gem skins can be acquired at 3.2% odds from Case Hardened purchases, which start at $29 for phone skins, $54 for cases, and $24-$79 for consoles.

dBrand Case Hardened skin controversy

Speaking of prices, despite the products being new, they have already become the focal point of controversy. Initially, Case Hardened skins were released with a CS2-style gambling template, which allowed buyers to increase their odds of getting a blue gem by spending more.

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By ZipelCs

If you spent 5x retail price instead of the basic $29 phone skin, your odds of getting a blue gem pattern would increase by 15%. By spending ten times the amount, the website assures a blue gem, which is not how it works in CS2. This also meant that you’d be paying $600 to lock an XBox Case Hardened skin in a blue gem pattern. All of this, however, came with multiple products and a 10-15% discount.  

dBrand has now changed that pricing model following online backlash.

From now on, blue gems can not be purchased by paying more. In fact, the company has completely removed the “increase your odd” option from the website. Instead, all patterns can now be purchased based on 3.2% odds for a blue gem at the same price.


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