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CS players find ladder system needs one crucial upgrade

By Fariha Bhatti


Aug 21, 2023

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Counter-Strike 2 news and rumors have been coming out aplenty, and the leaderboard system tops them all. While it’s surely an exciting idea, some players think it’s useless without a proper anti-cheat.

It’s no secret that Valve’s FPS labor love has a lousy anti-cheat. When CS2 was announced, players had one big concern: If the new game would have the same old VAC. Turns out, Valve has packaged the old anti-cheat into shiny new “VACLive” wrapper that supposedly detects cheaters in real-time. 

While the potential leaderboard update has been well-received, some fans have reasonable concerns. According to the community, CS2 Premier mode won’t attract serious players unless Valve fixes its anti-cheat beyond making it live.

CS2 players want a better anti-cheat


CS2 main menu will feature an option for a leaderboard that would include names, map win rate, statistics, CS Rating, and more of the top players within a region. This board will also include worldwide ratings. 

Now, this is a great step in the right direction, but players believe that it’s not enough by itself. A leaderboard and rumored MR12 format are aimed at making CS2 uber-competitive while being accessible to casual players. Where MR12 would attract new players, Premier mode will house the creme of the crop. 

But, the community fears that nothing much would change unless the leaderboard comes with a better anti-cheat. The competitive group in CS2 may still prefer FACEIT and other third-party platforms for serious competition, as they have kernel-level, intrusive anti-cheat. 

While so far, the current CS2 anti-cheat has been performing well, it’s nearly not as good as what FACEIT offers. However, reports of cheaters in CS2 beta have been scarce lately.

In any case, if Valve’s true intention is to make CS2 MM the hub of real competition, the game would certainly need an upgrade to its anti-cheat. Otherwise, FACEIT may remain a safe haven for Global Elites and beyond.


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