Crypto confirmed as next legend in Apex Legends Mobile

By Fariha Bhatti


Aug 10, 2022

Reading time: 2 min

Respawn has accidentally confirmed Crypto as the upcoming legend in Apex Legends Mobile. 

Apex Legends Season 2 added the platform-exclusive DJ Rhapsody to the roster, shaking the meta with music and charisma. The developer did well on its promise of adding unique content for Apex Legends’ Mobile version. However, the game will still pluck out powerful characters from Apex legends’ PC version now and then. The developer has likely reserved mid-season updates for PC characters. 

An Apex Legends player recently shared a screenshot from the mobile game showcasing Crypto as a DLC character. What turned out to be a bug confirmed Crypto as the upcoming agent for Season 2.5. 

Who’s the next legend in Apex Legends Mobile? 

Crypto Apex legends mobile

After a string of leaks regarding Crypto, a bug has confirmed that the legend on the verge of release. The Recon legend will enter the power-packed roster of Apex Legends Mobile in mid-season. 

Plenty of leaks pointed to Crypto as the game’s next agent, but players were patiently waiting for an official announcement. The developer accidentally dropped a solid hint that the popular surveillance expert is coming soon. Crypto was briefly up in the store for players to buy due to an unexpected bug. 

A player shared a screenshot of Crypto in-game after they paid 750 Syndicate Gold to buy the recon legend. Though the legend was added to the account, the player couldn’t play him in the game. Later, the developer announced that it was a bug, and those who paid for Crypto would be compensated for the errant purchases. 

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Those who added the character to their account can play him on the official release date. The bug has been reversed, but the damage has already been done. Due to Crypto’s popularity in Apex Legends PC, players already know everything about his kit. The recon legend will join Bloodhound in the surveillance legend category. 

Respawn is introducing a mid-season update to add Crypto to the lineup, which likely means that main season updates are reserved for platform-exclusive characters. The leaked screenshots further suggested that the new season may be dubbed “Hyperbeats.” Along with that, available perks have already slipped through the cracks. 

Crypto is a popular recon legend in Apex Legends’ PC version and would bring tons of value to the mobile squad of legends. Using his drones and encryption skills, Crypto will help teammates better strategize their attacks. The surveillance expert will be a worthy addition to a Apex Legends’ mobile lineup that could surely use a spy.