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Counter-Strike 2 now lets you rent skins

By Olivia Richman


May 24, 2024

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Counter-Strike 2 has some of the most expensive virtual items. The great news is that you can now rent skins in CS2.

On May 24, Valve announced that gamers would be able to rent skins in CS2 as an alternative to buying them. This was in response to some players complaining that they don’t want to “gamble” by opening cases in hopes of getting the skin they want.

At this time, you can only rent skins from one specific case, but Valve has said that this feature will expand to include every skin from every case in the future. Want to try out the skin rentals in CS2 now? Here’s how.

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How to rent skins in CS2

In order to rent skins, you’ll first need a Kilowatt case. That’s the only case that currently has skin rental options. You can buy this case from the Steam Community Market and then open it to find the rental option.

Once you have the case, here’s what you can do:

  1. Open CS2
  2. Head to your Inventory
  3. Right click on the Kilowatt case
  4. Select “Unlock Container”
  5. Purchase a key for $2.50 if needed
  6. Select “Open to Rent”

You will then be able to rent the skin for seven days. These skins cannot be customized, and they do not have stickers or name tags. These rental skins can also not be traded or sold.

What are the molly changes in CS2? 

Besides all that, the incendiary will also receive some visual and mechanical balances:

  • Adjusted the explosion and flame visual treatment
  • Reduced duration
  • Reduced area covered by spreading flames
  • The height of the ‘pillar’ of flame for both Molotov and Incendiary grenades now decreases over time

All of this goes live right away, so prepare for a major meta shake in CS2.


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