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Counter-Strike 2 copied this feature from Valorant

By Fariha Bhatti


Mar 23, 2023

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Valorant has Counter-Strike have a lot in common, but it was always the former taking inspiration from Valve’s FPS. This time, Counter-Strike has copied a small feature from Valorant. 

Counter-Strike 2 is not a totally new game. The maps and mechanics are the same, with a new sub-tick system, smoke dynamics, Source 2 lightning, and minor tweaks here and there. All the changes are devised to enhance the competitive environment. A sound feature has also been added, which would aid the players in being more cautious. 

For some players, the latest sound feature may seem familiar, as Valve may have drawn inspiration from Valorant while incorporating it.

Counter-Strike 2 has sound radar

CS2 sound radar

Valve didn’t mention it in the official trailers or blogs, but Counter-Strike 2 will have a sound alarm on the radar. This is a much-needed valuable feature that high-level players would benefit from.

In 2021, Riot added a faint audio circle to Valorant’s radar. Initially, players were confused about what exactly it did, but eventually, it became a crucial part of game mechanics. It contributes a lot to information-gathering, strategy, and more. Now, Valve has added the exact same feature to Counter-Strike 2. 

Players will notice a ring appearing on the radar in Counter-Strike 2 when players walk. This is basically the sound distance, meaning this is how far players can hear your footsteps, weapon reload, and other sounds. Valve clearly took inspiration from Valorant, as the radar circle looks exactly like Riot’s design. 

This could be game-changing at the pro level, as sound can make or break the game in Counter-Strike 2. In Counter-Strike, even the sound of a grenade popping can impact the round outcome. Before this update, players were just winging it, tip-toeing across the map in fear of being heard. But the sound radar can help focus on the game. 


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