Could karrigan be returning to FaZe Clan?

By Fariha Bhatti


Nov 19, 2020

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Nikola “NiKo” Kovač’s much-anticipated move to G2 had left the Faze Clan with an empty slot ahead of heaps of tournaments lined up.

Fortunately, Olof “olofmeister” Kajbjer was there to take the wheel. But it seems that he is not back to stay, as confirmed by teammate Marcelo “coldzera” DavidDespite several lineup changes, Faze Clan’s Counter-Strike: Global Offensive division is struggling to keep a permanent roster of five as the team still lacks a player.

A report by The Clutch hints that Finn “karrigan” Andersen might be the one to fill up the fifth slot in Faze. The report is far from confirmed but with Olofmeister going AFK anytime soon, the CS stalwart karrigan’s return to Faze could help stabilize the team. 

Karrigan has a bumpy history with the Faze clan since he joined the organization in 2016. The ace rifler stuck with the team for more than two years as in-game leader before he was benched, loaned out to Team Envy, and later kicked from the squad. Since he was the only player in Faze comfortable with leading the team, his departure birthed IGL issues in the clan that still continue to persist. 

Faze could finally have an IGL in Karrigan 

Karrigan CSGO

According to the reports, it was the current IGL Coldzera who pitched in Karrigan’s name. In one of his Instagram stories, Coldzera has confirmed that Faze Clan will sign a new IGL in 2020 as he doesn’t wish to be a captain. Former IGL Niko made a similar statement about his position as IGL in more than one instance. 

Conversely, Karrigan seems like the perfect option to lead Faze’s current lineup due to his experience with the team members. Unlike Niko and Coldzera, Karrigan is comfortable in his role as IGL. Under his leadership, mousesports managed to win ESL Pro League Season 10. Even though that is the only significant win that the team bagged with Karrigan as in-game-leader, the overall performance of the team improved significantly as mousesports breezed in the top 10 of world rankings a few months after Karrigan joined. 

If Faze is actually considering bringing back its former IGL, then it’s right on time. Karrigan’s contract with mousesports expires in March 2021, which means that he has an option to look for a new home. Mousesports’ current roster has potential, but in Faze Karrigan will get a chance to play alongside top-tier players. 

The fans may have to wait till the start of 2021 to see how these rumors unfold. Whether karrigan is ready to put the bad in the past and take back the reins in Faze, or he’d rather stick with the young roster at Mousesports.


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