Conquer Gaming seeks to raise the bar for new esports organizations

By Jared Wynne


Sep 3, 2019

Reading time: 4 min

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive continues to dominate the first-person shooter marketplace, as it is constantly bolstered by fresh faces, supportive brands, and of course Valve’s own devotion to continuously updating the experience for both players and viewers.

The competition is far from easy, but new teams emerge each year to demonstrate their considerable skills. While they savor each minute of esports stardom, their audiences also sitting back and watching the action unfold.  

The 2019 StarLadder Berlin Major has already reached over 429K views as teams like FaZe Clan, Astralis, and Renegades go head-to-head for the $1,000,000 prize pool. 

An up and coming rival to these pros is coming into focus at Conquer Gaming. The Finnish organization has been working hard since 2016, pushing its standing, popularity, and potential to new levels.

The road to CSGO excellence is always a rocky one, especially for players only just learning the professional ropes. How to play well in a packed arena. How to cultivate the team’s skills in such a way that sets up for future successes. How to turn one’s play into a lucrative business that’ll bring in needed resources.

Conquer seems to have all these areas covered.

Charting Conquer Gaming’s path to success


In three years’ time, Conquer Gaming has 32 pro matches under its belt. While 17 of these ended in losses, the 15 victories demonstrate a balance that extra practice and strategy can easily tip a team in the right direction. Their ability to bounce back from tight corners is evident in the three clutches performances during the PixelBet Brawl Nordic vs Europe tournament. The tenacity of this organization’s teams is what makes them interesting.

No longer solely dedicated to Counter-Strike, Conquer Gaming, now officially established as a limited company, has also branched out to include teams in Fortnite, Hearthfire, FIFA, and more.

Its members aren’t just about tournaments either. Their live gaming streams can be found across Twitch and YouTube, so people can see who they are and what they can do. With its hands in so many pots, Conquer is making strong moves into the esports community as a group of talented gamers and forward-thinking entrepreneurs.

Conquer makes an impact


A feature that distinguishes esports teams from their many competitors is their ability to connect with members of their industry. Having sponsors and a fan base is always a good sign, showing that both marketable brands and the general gaming public believe in the group’s performance and potential market value. 

Any company in the business of gaming with a mind for modern technological and commercial innovation knows that esports is both a sound and interesting investment. Conquer Gaming has Ninja Casino in its corner. The provider of Microgaming and NetEnt online casino games is a sponsor for Conquer. Such support from fellow gaming companies leads Conquer to continue adding to its growth and towards fame in the esports industry.  

Its second sponsor is a curious brand to connect with competitive gaming. An app purely directed at sports fans, expanding the ways in which users can support and benefit from their most beloved clubs, proves that esports is increasingly earning the sporting world’s respect and acknowledgment. However, as a sports app, it does also cover esports, so the collaboration isn’t that unusual for those in the know.

Both the video game and sports industries have put their stamp of approval on Conquer Gaming, indicating to the public that this is a team to be on the watch for.

Reaping the rewards


In order to be considered for a sponsorship, Conquer Gaming was invited in 2018 to beat eight other teams; not by battling it out in the digital arena, but rather in the public’s good graces. Medium reveals that 5,561 people voted the organization to the top spot and the prize of €2,500, or just over $2,700 USD. 

This was the boost to the team’s confidence, as well as to its finances, that they needed to take their business to the next level. Years of ups and downs later, the team’s top achievements listed on GosuGamers demonstrates how close the organization has come to winning even bigger, almost surpassing the third-place threshold three times by 2017. 

Their efforts are clearly paying off as the organization’s teams steadily climb the ranks. People are watching, recognizing their name, and joining their growing fan base, and older fans feel increasingly vindicated for putting their faith in Conquer Gaming in the first place.

Making it in the world of esports is a challenging endeavor. It’s not just a contest of skill. Since it depends so heavily on the continued existence and growth of a team’s audience and fan base, many marketing and commercial factors also come into play. Conquer Gaming may have started small, but a bit of luck and its management’s strong grasp of how to maneuver through the modern gaming landscape have brought it to a stable point in its journey. The organization’s limits will now be determined by how far its gaming and corporate chops can continue to evolve.