Combining Raze’s Boombot with Astra’s pull is quite hilarious

By Fariha Bhatti


Nov 30, 2021

Reading time: 2 min

Raze’s boombot is capable of hilarious tricks, but this new one is just as funny as it’s useful. 

Loud and cheerful duelist Raze carries death-dealing nades that are easy to use. The agent deals heavy damage and gathers information, something that few other agents can do. Fortunately, her viable toolkit is easy to use, but skillful players keep finding complex tricks that take her abilities to another level. 

Picking first fights becomes extremely easy when you have Raze on the roster. Her cute radio bot detects enemies hiding in corners, providing valuable intel to the whole team. However, it’s easily breakable, which can be annoying. This new trick makes her bot tough to destroy. 

How to combine Raze’s Boombot and Astra’s Gravity Wall

Professional Valorant player for Ghost Gaming shared this helpful tip that requires Raze to combine her ability with Astra’s Gravity Well. 

Here’s how players can replicate this trick: 

  • Release your Boombot in the direction of the enemy’s hiding point
  • Request teammate Astra to plant a star near the destination 
  • Activate the star as soon as the bot reaches the star 
  • The pull will “slingshot” Raze’s Boombot

The boost will make it challenging for the enemy to shoot at the bot. Even if they do, it’d be easier for you to take them down while they’re distracted. The bot will also deal severe damage, making them an easy shot. This is a helpful trick that should come in handy in high ELO games to clear out a site. Astra’s pull is pretty easy to dodge, so using it to shoot bot in the air might pay off more. 

It’s unknown whether this is a bug or exploit, but many professional players are already using this trick in scrims. It’s likely an intentional game mechanic since this is not the first time Raze’s kit has delivered remarkable results combined with other agent kits. Players have probably just discovered this mechanic, which is tricky to replicate. 

Is Astra a good controller? 

Astra is one of the best controllers in Valorant’s current meta. However, she may not deliver expected results in low ELO lobbies as players rarely respect her stars and push through. However, in high-ranked games, Astra can be extremely rewarding.