Collector’s Cache voting exclusive to Battle Pass owners in new round

By Neslyn Apduhan


May 30, 2019

Reading time: 2 min

Battle Pass owners can now vote for the sets to be featured in this year’s Collector’s Cache.

In its blog post, Valve announced a change to the final selection process for The International 2019 Collector’s Cache. 83 unique and innovative sets made the cut on the final list.

The International 2019 Battle Pass owners have the option to like or dislike 83 sets on the game’s loadout. The sets can also be used in the game’s demo mode to experience them live.

The Collector’s Cache is a treasure released during the annual event of The International. A share in the treasure’s proceeds goes directly to the prize pool of the prestigious event. Since 2015, this treasure has consistently been one of the most eagerly awaited purchases for Battle Pass owners.

Sets from this treasure are not tradable or marketable. However, they can be gifted once. The treasure can only be purchased by Battle Pass owners during The International season.

Its exclusivity yields high market values for players who sell these sets to collectors and enthusiasts. For instance, Phantom Assassin’s Creeping Shadow set from Collector’s Cache 2016 has the same value of one or two Arcanas now.

For several years, the community helped Valve in the selection process by voting through the Steam Workshop. Valve did not release the full list of criteria on its decision-making process.

This year, Valve is doing the same again and has invited the community to vote on the Steam Workshop. However, creators were surprised when they found out that there is a second phase of voting.

Valve revealed that Battle Pass owners can vote for the final list of sets for the Collector’s Cache. For creators, they were disappointed to receive something of a false positive after Valve’s initial email that their sets will be available in-game.

Last year, Valve released two Collector’s Caches with a total of 31 sets, including rare sets. If the same thing happens this year, 52 finalists will have to be contented on the relatively brief exposure of their sets prior to elimination.

Players can cast their votes until Monday, June 3.


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