Coldzera eliminates MIBR from ESL One Cologne with huge clutch

By Nick Johnson


Aug 21, 2020

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FaZe’s Marcelo “coldzera” David didn’t hesitate for a second against his former team. 

In ESL One Cologne’s lower bracket, FaZe Clan and MIBR faced off in what would’ve been a must-watch CSGO match at one point. Unfortunately, due to MIBR’s recent public struggles and FaZe’s recent roster changes, neither team has looked very good. That changed at the very end of the match as coldzera knocked out his former teammates with an impressive clutch.

After dropping Train in frustrating fashion, FaZe rallied on their own pick of Inferno to send the series to a Dust 2 decider. FaZe made it to 15 rounds to guarantee overtime before slipping, allowing several rounds to go MIBR’s way and allowing MIBR fans a glimmer of hope.

But coldzera quickly quashed MIBR’s ESL One Cologne dreams in a single, precise round that came down to a one-versus-one between cold and his old captain, MIBR’s Gabriel “FalleN” Toledo. 

FaZe’s coldzera kills FalleN, TACO to kick MIBR from ESL One Cologne

The savage clutch closed the door on MIBR’s ESL One Cologne run, the second important tournament the team has bombed out of in a row. MIBR flopped in cs_summit 6, which prompted the organization to pick up and move regions from North America to Europe, ensuring it could compete in CSGO’s largest tournaments regardless of any international travel restrictions.

But MIBR’s well-laid plans don’t look to be turning out well.

Prior to coldzera’s heroic clutch, MIBR had lost its initial ESL One Cologne matchup against G2 Esports in embarrassing fashion, winning just six rounds over two maps. The loss marked a new low not just for Brazil’s most famous team, but also its most famous players. Its game against G2 was followed by Twitter drama, with MIBR’s official account stirring the pot by taking shots at North American Chaos Esports’ in-game leader, Joshua “steel” Nissan.

Fans can read more about MIBR’s public Twitter beef with Chaos Esports’ steel by clicking on the image below.

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MIBR’s next tournament is the decidedly less prestigious Nine to Five 3. To make matters worse for the Brazilians, MIBR doesn’t have a spot in the upcoming ESL Pro League Season 12 despite its Season 11 participation. FaZe, on the other hand, is now set to play the loser of Saturday’s matchup between Astralis and Team Vitality in ESL One Cologne’s lower bracket semifinals on Tuesday, August 25.


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