Cloud9’s Sneaky shows off new Pool Party Caitlyn cosplay

Olivia Richman • August 28, 17:00

Zachary “Sneaky” Scuderi’s most recent cosplay was his most revealing yet. 

Cloud9‘s AD carry shared some photos on Twitter of him sitting poolside as Pool Party Caitlyn. But the sexy cosplay wasn’t only popular because of its skimpy nature. With a two-piece bikini, floppy white sun hat, a white band around his thigh, and a neon water gun, the Caitlyn cosplay is quite accurate to the 2018 summer-themed skin. 

Sneaky Pool Party Caitlyn cosplay

His teammates, including midlaner Yasin “Nisqy” Dincer couldn’t help but say, “You’re actually so hot brother.” 

While his Cloud9 squad may have attempted some light K/DA cosplay with Sneaky in the past, the professional stuff is clearly left to him these days. But that experience surely must have helped them to appreciate the effort that goes into Sneaky’s photoshoots even more. 

Sneaky’s cosplays get hot


Sneaky is no stranger to cosplaying League of Legends champions. The professional player has also brought Dark Elementalist Lux, Divine Sword Irelia, and Star Guardian Soraka to life. He also did a photoshoot with his girlfriend, where they both dawned slinky outfits as League of Legend’s K-pop group K/DA. 

The League of Legends community has been so supportive of Sneaky’s newfound profession that Sneaky even showed up at the 2018 All-Stars event in Las Vegas dressed up as Xayah, along with 100 Thieves’ Bae “Bang” Jun-sik. 

Cloud9 take a relaxing break after LCS Summer Split


In a recent interview with, Sneaky said that he will be creating one cosplay per month, no matter how busy the team gets. He also revealed that dressing up in gender-bending cosplays will continue to be his go-to. 

“Honestly, [women’s] outfits are really cool. It’s not something I’d ever be able to wear in any form in my regular life. It’s something different,” Sneaky said.

Sneaky started cosplaying in 2016, when he appeared in a simple school girl cosplay for his fans on Twitch. Met with positivity, Sneaky was encouraged to pursue cosplaying a bit more seriously. His outfits got more and more accurate, and he even started a Patreon dedicated to his new hobby turned profession. More photos of his Pool Party Caitlyn cosplay can be found there if you become one of his 1,444 supporters. 


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