Cloud9 runs over Immortals, remains undefeated in 2020 LCS Spring

By Melany Moncada


Feb 2, 2020

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Cloud9 started week two of the 2020 LCS Spring season with a massive victory over Immortals.

Cloud9 remains undefeated in the LCS after taking down Immortals on Saturday. The team came into the series as the clear favorite over an Immortals that is still struggling to find its identity as a team.

In the pick and bans, both teams focused on top lane champions, particularly the newly popularized Soraka. With most of the viable options off the table, Immortals went for a throwback and took Karma for Paul “sOAZ” Boyer.

Cloud9 sets the pace early against Immortals

Cloud9 set the tone of the game right at the get-go with an early invade on Immortals’ side of the map. Cloud9 was relentless, pushing forward until they secured the steal on the enemy’s blue buff.

Immortals did its best to stabilize the situation but after a solo kill in the mid lane over Jérémy “Eika” Valdenaire, it became obvious who was in control of the game. Cloud9 pushed the tempo and maintained that overwhelmingly aggressive style. The team knew where to play and how to exploit the early advantages.

On the other side of the map, Jake “Xmithie” Puchero couldn’t find anything and it felt like he wasn’t even in the game at all. Immortals ran out of options fast and a full transition to defensive play couldn’t stop the charge from Cloud9.

Even though the team had control over everything on the map, Cloud9 played patiently. The team made sure to tick all of the boxes to guarantee a clean victory.

29 minutes into the game, Cloud9 aced Immortals inside their base to secure its third win of the season.

Cloud9 is currently tied in first place with Dignitas, who secured a surprising win over Team Liquid earlier in the day. Immortals fell to sixth place. On Sunday, Cloud9 is facing 100 Thieves. Immortals will look to add another victory against Golden Guardians.


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