Cloud9 Mel highlights a bug in Raze ult, Riot developer responds

Fariha Bhatti • February 12, 2021 1:55 pm

A new bug in Valorant agent Raze has added to the long list of recent glitches. A Riot developer has provided a detailed response, explaining how the bug works. 

In a recent stream, Cloud9 White’s Melanie “meL” Capone encountered a bug in Raze’s Showstopper where the ability would cause zero damage to the enemy. 

Mel had just clutched the round when an enemy Raze launched her ultimate seconds before dying. Instead of blasting Mel to death, the ultimate caused no damage. Raze’s Showstopper is one of the lethal ultimates in the game and can easily annihilate an entire team within its range. Mel’s surprise was justified when she made it unscathed out of Raze’s blast. 

The Valorant pro uploaded the clip on Twitter, getting an elaborate response from Valorant software engineer Riot Nu.

How does Raze’s Ultimate work in Valorant?

The developer broke down how explosions in Valorant work and how it may have contributed to this new bug.

According to Nu, explosions in Valorant are approximations of the real world, and Valorant does not simulate an actual explosion’s physics. He then explained that a player must be the inner circle of a blast to deal greater damage or at least be within the range of the outer circle to connect with the explosion. He divided the two with a visual representation, designing a black and green circle. 

If a player is within the range of explosion, the damage is bound to kill or injure. However, the visibility check may hinder the combustion from damaging an enemy. The player only takes damage if the visibility check finds an obstructed path to them. In an enclosed area, where players can dodge the explosion’s shards, the circle logic becomes redundant. 

This method usually works, but sometimes the visibility check will fail if the explosion occurs in tight areas like in Mel’s video. Enemy Raze’s Showstopper slipped inside the pallet, failing the visibility check, Nu clarified. 

The developer defined the mishap as a bug that could be fixed by adjusting the “collision settings on the problematic pallet.” 

While the developer has reassured that the bug is fixable, his detailed explanation provided an insight into how explosion abilities in Valorant work. This information could come in handy while dealing with Raze’s grenades and Boombot as well. 


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