CLG Red, Tenerife Titans shine in WINNERS League Season 3

By Nick Johnson


Nov 7, 2019

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Upsets and comebacks were the name of the game during week two of WINNERS League Season 3, as a few fresh faces made their debut.

This week, CLG Red takes’s Team of the Week honors with their upset win over Whatever It Takes. Fans were also treated to a first look at the new versions of the Tenerife Titans and Team Singularity. While last week’s games largely went as expected, this week was a shocking departure from the norm.  

Match of the Week: CLG Red vs. Whatever It Takes

While there were comebacks and wallopings alike this week, CLG Red took the cake with a major upset in Group C over Whatever It Takes, a squad that entered as the clear favorites.  

Whatever It Takes struggled as both “isp10180” and “Officialhalo” had K/D ratios below .7, helping the leading women’s CSGO team take home a close victory on Overpass. Emma “EmyyyS” Chloe led her team with 29 kills, en route to a 16-14  win

Tenerife Titans, Team Singularity debut new rosters in WINNERS League

European CSGO fans got to see Atif “Gejmzilla” Mustafa in his Tenerife Titans debut against BLUEJAYS International. Inferno wasn’t kind to Gejmzilla as he underperformed and finished with an unideal 11-20 score. He wasn’t alone, as each member of the team finished with more deaths than kills.

Despite that, the team actually managed to take home a 16-12 win. The Tenerife Titans’ ability to come out on top despite rocky individual performances hints that the team has solid potential, which should improve further with time.

Back in North America, former Cloud9 player Jordan “zellsis Montemurro played his first game with Team Singularity after leaving Swole Patrol in October. While zellsis took on a support role, Will “dazzLe Loafman went on to lead Team Singularity in a 16-3 thrashing of GoodGamePR.

Fans should keep an eye on zellsis over the next few weeks as the talented player is bound to improve as he gels with the rising Team Singularity.

Play of the Week: 1juniorr’s one versus four, bomb-stalling clutch

This week’s play of the week is a classic one-on-four play from Team Divine’s Paytyn “1juniorr” Johnson. Stuck defending a default plant on Mirage from four fully kitted Rap Gang CTs, 1juniorr played it perfectly. He isolated each defender with a combo of quick shoulder peeks and targeted prefire, taking down three of the four. While he eventually died to the last remaining Rap Gang player, he had bought enough time for the bomb to detonate and win Team Divine the round.

Despite the great clutch, Dust2 reported Team Divine cut 1juniorr on November 1, citing his failure to impact games against better teams.

Since that last one ended on a down note, here’s one more play from last week that’s a “Play of the Week” for all the wrong reasons.

With Oceanus on match point, but stuck in a two-on-two on Nuke, Oceanus’ David “J0LZ” Jolin and Ezekie “-KmZ-”l Hughes decided to make a quick move back up to the A bomb site for an easy plant. Team Clarity looked like they knew what was going on, but it turns out they just didn’t get the message as they opted to attack the wrong site

The bomb detonated to give Oceanus the win in inauspicious fashion.

European WINNERs League week two complete results 

  • GameAgents 16-13 Skade 
  • BIG Omen Academy 16-7 APEKS 
  • Skade 16-11 Arena Bulls 
  • Tenerife Titans 16-12 BLUEJAYS International
  • Lilmix 16-12 Vexed Gaming
  • Lyngby 16-13 Vikings Mad Lions EC 
  • Nexus 22-19 Espada
  • Mad Lions 16-5 Besiktas Esports
  • Ambush 16-7 PACT
  • Kova 16-4 CPH Flames Fe 

North America WINNERs League Invite week two complete results

  • Oceanus 16-5 Clarity 
  • ATK Defy 16-9 Gaming 
  • Faint Gaming 16-14 Riot Squad 
  • Singularity 16-3 GoodGamePR 
  • CLG RED 16-14 Whatever It Takes 
  • eUnited 16-9 iNTACT 
  • Whalers 16-8 Team Dignitas 
  • Team Divine 16-5 RAP GANG


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