Classic’s right-click finally nerfed in Valorant patch 3.09

Fariha Bhatti • November 2, 09:53

Riot Games has heard the woes of players tired of getting alt-tapped by the Classic and patch 3.09 will nerf the deadly right-click once and for all. 

Valorant players have been complaining about weapons being overpowered since the release of the game in 2020. The developer has delivered fixes regularly, balancing the guns to suit player needs. Except for the Classic.

A whole year since the game’s release, players were still not satisfied with Classic’s balance, and Riot finally seems to agree. As players requested, the free gun has received a significant nerf to its right-click in the new patch. 

“We’ve reduced the weapon’s effective accuracy while jumping, running, and walking, with the intent of narrowing its ideal use case to only really close ranges,” Jeff Landa, comms associate, said. 

Players believe that the Classic has been overpowered in close and mid-range encounters when used while jumping. The weapon has been delivering stronger results than it should be for a free gun. This benefits players economically, allowing them to invest in utility and armor. Players who opt to invest in an upgraded pistol often fall short against the Classic’s right-click spam. 

This will change in patch 3.09. The developer has delivered essential changes to reduce weapon efficacy. 

  • Walking firing error changed from .05 to .6 (total error is 2.5 when walking, up from 1.95)
  • Running firing error changed from .2 to 1.3 (total error is 3.2 when running, up from 2.1)
  • Jumping firing error changed from 1.1 to 2.1 (total error is 4.0 when jumping, up from 3.0)

The Classic is a pretty balanced weapon, but its overpowered right-click has long been frustrating among high-ranked players. Its running accuracy also made it frustrating for lower-level players who couldn’t take out an enemy that was strafing and spraying. However, the new changes will allow players to tackle the free weapon more effectively. 

Fracture map updates coming in Valorant patch 3.09

The newest map, Fracture, has been a hit with players, but the developer continues to polish it for competitive play. Recent changes make Fracture cleaner and better, but there’s still some work to be done. Here are the changes to the map coming in Valorant patch 3.09:

  • B Arcade attacker barrier moved towards Attacker Side Bridge to give defenders more options for covering the area
  • Defender barrier at A Rope shifted to the top of ropes to help out sentinels
  • A Hall orb moved to give make it less attacker-sided
  • New cover in attacker spawn added to remove the long sightline from Hall entrance to B Main, countering a popular defender strategy to push early and flank


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