Chronicler talks triple elim, Peyz, and pizza at MSI

By Lee Jones


May 20, 2023

Reading time: 2 min

We spoke with LCK caster Maurits “Chronicler” Jan Meeusen after he worked the analyst desk for the MSI 2023 lower bracket matchup between Gen.G and Bilibili Gaming. Fresh off of the disappointment of seeing Korea’s first seed eliminated, we prodded Chronicler for his thoughts on a potential resolution to Gen.G’s failing to proceed at MSI despite its double-elimination format. Thoughts on triple elimination?

Yeah, I don’t personally think triple elimination is a necessity. Actually, after seeing Gen.G eliminated, maybe I do like the idea of it a little bit more. So I can give it some thought.

What are your thoughts on the BLG 3-0 Gen.G series?

I’m still in much pain. That’s life, unfortunately. I think that Gen.G, particularly the top half of the map, suffer from being very momentum-based – which was also why they were so dominant when they won the LCK finals. I think as soon as that crumbles, they really fall apart. Particularly at international tournaments, I think Chovy and Doran, and even Peanut, have a tough time actually delivering.

Was it too early for Peyz on the international stage?

No, I actually think Peyz was one of the few players playing well today. I think Peyz and Delight were perfectly adequate. I think Peanut had some okay moments, but Chovy had very little impact, and obviously Doran had a really bad series as well. So I think that you can look at Peyz and Delight and find stuff that they needed to do better, but I don’t think that was the reason why they lost.

Have you tried Wolf’s pizza, and if you have, how is it?

No, but I have heard it’s really good, and if you’re in Korea then you should definitely get it. I don’t have an oven big enough, so I’m still looking to go to either Wolf, Valdes, or Atlus – they do have ovens – and then try it out because I’ve heard it’s very good. It’s really spicy apparently, so do be warned, but it’s very tasty.

What are the best things about living in Korea?

My favorite things are the food, the public transport, and the safety. Seoul is really, really nice to live in. Public transport is amazing, very affordable, and the food options are delightful. 

The transport is a big statement, seeing as you’re from the Netherlands!

[In an over-emphasized Dutch accent] The Netherlands is great for public transport [broken], but not so much for food. Dutch food is kind of whatever. So, personally, I think that Korea is a lot better compared to the Netherlands. Public transport is fine, but I think public transport in the Netherlands is also a little different because the country isn’t centred around just one city. And in Seoul it’s a lot cheaper.


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