Chaos confirms that it will drop CSGO and Rainbow 6 teams

By Nick Johnson


Dec 3, 2020

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After a week of rumors, Chaos Esports Club has announced that it will no longer field rosters in either Counter-Strike: Global Offensive or Rainbow 6: Siege, according to an announcement from the organization’s official blog.

The blog cited the current travel restrictions as one of its main reasons for dropping the squads, as well as effects on the organization’s ability to attract sponsors to the teams. Instead, Chaos says that it will shift its focus to “supporting more content creators both in and outside of gaming.” The move now leaves players from both squads as free agents and attractive additions to clubs looking for a new injection of talent their current lineups. With these moves, Chaos now has no active esports teams under its banner.

Chaos dropping out of CSGO, where might its roster go next?

Before being let go by Chaos, its CSGO roster impressed with several big wins against regional opponents, including Evil Geniuses, Cloud9, and FURIA. Now, its five members are available for interested teams starting immediately, according to Chaos. Prior to its release, Chaos EC’s CSGO roster consisted of the following players:

  • Nathan “leaf” Orf
  • Erick “Xeppaa” Bach
  • Jonathan “jonji” Carey
  • Anthony “vanity” Malaspina
  • Edgar “MarKE” Maldonado

Before this announcement was made, CSGO’s free agent pool was thin. Many rosters had overhauled their lineups in September with the expectation that Valve would be forced to postpone 2020’s Major tournament into 2021. But now, teams may have an even harder decision to make.

With Valve’s penalties for replacing players in between Regional Ranking Tournaments still in effect, as organizations are penalized for making changes. That said, CSGO’s developer hasn’t actually announced further RMTs since it revealed that the 2020 ESL One Major wouldn’t take place this year.

There is still no set date for CSGO’s next Major to take place or for the next set of RMTs to take place.


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