Champions 2022 bundle

Champions 2022 skins generate $16 million for Valorant esports

By Fariha Bhatti


Sep 17, 2022

Reading time: 2 min

The limited-edition Valorant Champions 2022 bundle was a massive hit, yielding around $32 million.

In August, Riot unveiled a much-awaited Champions 2022 bundle, themed after this year’s Valorant World Championship. The two-set skins were elite, encrusted with crystals that shine brighter for every five kills. The bundle which costs 6,167 Valorant Points will only appear in the market once, prompting more players to buy it before it leaves on September 22. There are still a few days left for more business, but early numbers revealed by Riot are jaw-droppingly high. 

Riot Games has revealed the total revenue gathered from the Champions 2022 bundle, which has doubled compared to 2021. Crystal cosmetics have collected over $30 million, with 50% of that money going to the qualified competitors. 

Champions 2022 bundle doubles its sale

Valorant Champions 2022

In 2021, the simple yet elegant championship bundle collected approximately $18.7 million, yielding $9.36 million for the teams. This year, the collection has doubled as Riot has announced $16 million just for qualified Valorant Champions competitors. 

The total earnings will be split between 16 teams. This means each team will get over $1 million compared to last year’s $600k bonus in addition to the prize money. It’s worth noting that there are still two days left, so the earnings may go up quicker, stacking up to $35 million or more. The increased collection will ultimately translate to a bigger overall prize pool for the qualified teams, regardless of their performance. 

The amount taken home by the players will vary between organizations. Regardless, with this much money on the line, the 2022 Valorant World Championship is positioned to be one of the biggest esports events regardless. 

The Champions 2022 bundle leaves the store on September 22, never to return again. Players may want to use the last few days to stack up their inventory with one of Valorant’s most sought-after, exclusive bundles. 

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