Chamber nerfs Valorant

Chamber’s invisible Trademark lineup on Bind is unavoidable

By Fariha Bhatti


Jan 21, 2022

Reading time: 2 min

Chamber’s sharp fashion sense and tricks are just unfurling, and they’re tough to counter. This new Trademark hack on Bind is impossible to dodge.

Valorant players are sharp enough to find their way around bugs until Riot Games delivers a fix. But, this new Chamber bug in valorant has no counter. It forces players to pick a different route for Bind’s B site or die in a slow field. The gentleman assassin has become unbeatable on Bind’s defender’s side. 

New Chamber Trademark bug has no counter

This new Trademark trick helps Chamber hide his trinkets behind baskets. Enemies can’t see the bugged Trademarks and are forced into a slow field. 

Bind’s Hookah can already be tough to break into. Hanging in the tight window for longer than five seconds means instant death. Defenders can toss tons of damage-rendering utility to end the attackers within the trim area. In such a dangerous enclosed window, Chamber’s invisible Trademark becomes deadly. Players are hiding the cameras behind tiny baskets placed inside Hookah. 

The three small vases in Hookah aren’t supposed to hide abilities, but that’s precisely what’s happening. The stylish Sentinel can slow down aggressive attackers in Hookah by sliding his Trademark behind baskets. Teammates can leverage the slow field by throwing Raze’s nade, Killjoy’s Nanoswarm, or Kay/O molotov. All such abilities can finish slowed enemies, making this a game-breaking bug. 

This isn’t the first time Chamber’s Trademark is at the center of powerful bugs. His tiny devices are capable of squeezing behind unusual objects, making them insanely powerful. However, this particular bug is insanely game-breaking to stay in the game for a long while. 

Riot hasn’t noted this glitch, but this will likely get fixed soon. Previously, Cypher and Killjoy could also use the cursed baskets to hide their tools, but Riot removed the bug. So, this is just another old bug that doesn’t recognize Chamber’s new trinkets. But, now that it is out in the open, players should expect a hotfix from Riot Games soon. 

Is Chamber good on Bind? 

Chamber is one of the best agents to run on Bind due to the teleporters that allow him to execute mind-boggling plays. The agent can use his Rendezvous to trick enemies into over-rotating. This allows his teammates to take site control easily. On defenders, it’s even easier for him to retake sites with his TP that can be redeployed and take him to safety.