“Can’t find game” error in XDefiant has players frustrated

By Fariha Bhatti


May 22, 2024

Reading time: 2 min

After multiple delays, XDefiant was finally released on May 21st on PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X|S. However, players are getting a “can’t find game” error that’s preventing them from playing XDefiant. 

Throughout 2023, XDefiant faced several delays, but Ubisoft’s transparency and the developers’ commitment to consistent updates kept fans engaged. Now, the game is live with five playable factions, 14 maps, and five different game modes. All of this, along with a ranked mode practice playlist, will be available in the preseason, allowing players to dust off their skills in 4v4 competitive matches.

Unfortunately, none of this is currently playable for most XDefiant fans, who get a “can’t find game” error upon queueing. Ubisoft has acknowledged the problem but is there a solution? 

Players can’t find a game in XDefiant

When players try to queue in XDefiant after the release, they get a grey screen with a “can’t find game” error and Playlist Not Found mentioned underneath it.

XDefiant can't find game

Most players have reported this problem, prompting a response from Ubisoft.

“We’re aware that some players are unable to join a game- please bear with us while we look into servers and matchmaking!” Ubisoft said. 

Typically, such issues are fixed by restarting the router or toggling crossplay on and then off, but in this case, no fix seems to work. As a result, players are frustrated at Ubisoft for shipping a game after multiple delays and still not getting it right. 

In any case, the developer has been providing constant updates and has assured that it is “seeing improvements with the issues that people are experiencing with matchmaking.” However, most players are still off the matchmaking queue in XDefiant. 

Does XDefiant have crossplay? 

Yes, XDefiant will have crossplay enabled. This means players on different platforms can team up with each other. For example, PC players can compete with and against those on consoles and PlayStation.