Can you play Pick’Ems for MSI 2022? Here’s what we know

By Steven Rondina


May 7, 2022

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Looking for a fun way to engage with the 2022 Mid-Season Invitational that can earn you in-game prizes? Well too bad, because MSI 2022 will not have Pick’Ems play.

MSI kicks off on May 10, and fans are looking for ways to predict which teams will advance out of the group stage. Unfortunately, that’s not possible in-game. Though there are plenty of third-party options for fans to engage with matches, Riot Games isn’t offering any sort of way to do so.

League of Legends Pick’Ems has been available for Worlds for several years now, offering players a variety of in-game cosmetics if they have a good feel for the action. While MSI is the second-largest event on the LoL esports calendar each year, it’s never had Pick’Ems support. There’s always speculation that it could arrive the next year, but that hasn’t come to fruition.

MSI 2022 will not have Pick’Ems, but what about other events? And what about MSI 2023?

Will Pick’Ems return after MSI 2022?

While there will not be Pick’Ems for MSI 2022, what’s the outlook for future LoL esports events? The official website offers an idea.

The website states that “Pick’Ems return fall 2022,” which effectively confirms that Worlds 2022 will have the same Pick’Ems set up as ever. Beyond that is uncertain, but fans hope for fantasy for each portion of LoL esports. Worlds, MSI, league play, and other events are well-suited to Pick’Ems. Fans shouldn’t get their hopes up, but greater support for Pick’Ems is within Riot Games’ means.

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Despite the lack of Pick’Ems this year, fans can still look forward to MSI. The event will bring together the top performers from each of the major official leagues. This year, MSI includes the likes of G2 Esports, T1, Royal Never Give Up, and Evil Geniuses.

The event begins with the group stage on May 10 with groups of three or four sending two teams forward after a round-robin. From there is the “Rumble Stage” which is another round-robin with the six remaining teams. The top four advance to the knockout stage tournament to determine the winner. The MSI 2022 finals are set for May 29.


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